Kristy McDonald

Kristy McDonald is a retired Canadian curler.
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McDonald's says most adults need 2000-2500 calories a day to stay at a healthy weight. So if I eat 2 McDonald's meals a day, is that enough?
Why do the Nautical Flags hanging on the Kristy Krab spell "R I ? U K" and why is the "U" upside down?
McDonald's is poison. Stop eating at McDonald's ?
Who is the boy in kristy are you doing okay?
What does the name Kristy mean?
Kristy is a female name of Latin origin, meaning "follower of Christ". They name can be the shortform, or related to, several names including Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Kristian, or Kristin, the common link being "Kris" meaning "Christ".
Is kristy smart?
Who is the girl in kristy are you doing okay's video?
Does Kristy love Hayden?
Orlando Bloom is all smiles while at dinner with Australian model Kristy Hinze while on Caribbean holiday
ORLANDO Bloom was all smiles as he enjoyed dinner with Australian model Kristy Hinze and her family on Friday night. The Lord of the Rings actor has been sunning it up in St. Barts over the past few days and enjoyed some quality time with his pals over the weekend. The 40-year-old was pictured enjoying […]
Julien McDonald has teamed up with actual McDonald’s for designer burgers We're not really sure why either.
Glasgow McDonald's franchisees raise over £330,000 for new Ronald McDonald House The money raised is going towards the new 26-bedroom ‘home away from home’ facility for families of children.
McDonald’s has a new tactic... be less like McDonald’s
From McDonald's to 'My Way'
McDonald's goes to war on fat
Gregory Mcdonald
@NBCNews: WATCH: Kristy Woods, the mother of a 3-year-old girl reported missing in North Carolina, speaks out
1970-80's Mcdonald commercial outake's and tribute to Ronald Mcdonald actor
DAE Benjamin grins at Kristy after tribal = Benjamin is the new Ullrich Kirstie calls Benjamin a jerk and inhumane = OMG Kirstie Evil villainous strategic sassy kweenie mom
Recommendation for B-horror movie fans, Highway to Hell, hell themed horror/comedy/adventure movie w/ Chad Lowe/Kristy Swanson and a cameo by a young Ben Stiller.
McDonald’s tries something new
I eat McDonald’s every day for lunch. AMA!
[28-09] Buy McDonald's, Taco Bell on Weed Legalization?: 'McDonald's wins by .. #investing #news
[27-09] #lab17 Umm Jeremy corbyns son just got a job with jhon McDonald £46.000And McDonald's son just got a job with Corbyn "JOBS FOR THEY'RE TWO"
[14-11] McDonald's #Flemington is OPEN during the remodel! #Followus on @McDHunterdon& on Facebook: McDonald's of #Hunterdon Co
[03-02] ? In an Amazing Move, #McDonald’s Just Launched a New Burger That May Totally Change How You Think About McDonald’s
[13-11] Los The Miami Dolphins activaron al profundo T.J. McDonald de la lista de reservas/suspendidos. McDonald fue suspen…
[03-02] @McDonalds_ClMcDonalds ruta sin aire acondicionado #mcdonald's #mcdonald'ssinaire
[25-01] Worst McDonald's I've been to in the world #Miamisouthbeach #McDonald's
[21-11] Thank you Kristy.#MeToo must be followed with #IBelieveYouBelieving Changes Everything - Southwest PA Says No More
[20-01] Sky sources: Mary Lou McDonald to lead Sinn Fein: Mary Lou McDonald will be the new leader of…
[16-10] RFC Official: SWPL: McDonald Praises Mentality: AMY McDonald praised the mentality of her team to come……
[11-12] Can't help thinking 'Cursing With Jane McDonald' would be a better watch than 'Cruising With Jane McDonald'.…
[20-01] Mary Lou McDonald set to be new Sinn Féin president: Mary Lou McDonald says no-one will fill…
[09-11] If Kristy kept EL I'm truly confused by how she's playing Survivior, but I am truly rooting for her to win. #SurvivorAU
[23-01] I’d totally let my wife go on #TheBachelor It looks like such a fun experience.“My name is Kristy. I’m a mother of two.
[09-11] Omg I am bawling, Kristy and her Dad talking about this show is me and my Dad. As we sit here and watch this togeth…
[30-10] #BlackhawksWags Kristy's coat is the brand Moncler! #GoHawksGo #Blackhawks
[12-01] Manitoba Scotties (10):Jennifer Jones 8, Kristy Watling 4 [FINAL]
[27-01] #hottest100 is making Saudi Arabia a bit more bearable today.Thanks Kristy and @triplej
[28-01] We're thankful for all of the cute #Catsair photos that everyone send us. They keep is very happy. ? #Catsgiving? by Kristy
Kristy McDonald
Canadian curler
Kristy McDonald is a retired Canadian curler.
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* John, Paul, George, and Ringo: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s- Aunt Mimi: We have food at home. John: I fucking hate this family! ••• John, Paul, George, and Ringo: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s- Brian Epstein: *pulls up to the McDonald’s* John, Paul, George, and Ringo: *cheering* Brian Epstein: One black coffee please. ••• John, Paul, George and Ringo: McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s- Mal Evans: MCDONALD’S MCDONALD’S MCDONALDS!
* McDonald dropped by Godolphin after 18-month ban James McDonald won several big races in Britain over the summer   PICTURE: John Grossick (racingpost/photos)    By Keith Melrose 7:26AM 22 DEC 2016  JOCKEY James McDonald has been banned for 18 months by the Racing New South Wales stewards and has had his contract with Godolphin terminated. McDonald was found to have profited from the win of Astern when the subsequent Group 1 winner made a… View On WordPress
Should a name that is capitalized contain a lower case letter, for example, McDONALD or MCDONALD? [closed]
If the name is capitalized, for example, should it be McDONALD or MCDONALD?
McDonald's drive thru
How do you say " I am going to the McDonald's drive thru " in German? Mein Versuch : Ich fahre zu McD. Drive-thru?
Kristy McDonald
McDonald's says most adults need 2000-2500 calories a day to stay at a healthy weight. So if I eat 2 McDonald's meals a day, is that enough?

Why do the Nautical Flags hanging on the Kristy Krab spell "R I ? U K" and why is the "U" upside down?

It’s a show about a sponge bro
The guys who did the pic of the flags made a mistake.
Who knows? I doubt the animators thought it through.
McDonald's is poison. Stop eating at McDonald's ?

yeah, it is not healthy.
I'll make that decision for myself.
The term "poison" is overstating it. It is processed food, far less healthy than organic. Not stopping in time would probably have serious consequences to your health. But as far as just dropping dead on the spot, like actual "poison", no.
Nahhh. I'll continue killing myself
Supersize me wasnt enough to put them outta work, what makes you think this will?
Trump loves em, and he looks great....Lol!!! Probably the one and only cause that will prematurely end his Presidency.....such that it is!!!
I stopped eating there 15 years ago that is all fast food places.
I once saw a television report on the state of Mc Donalds, since then I do not eat anything from this company anymore.
I don't eat McDonald's often. But sometimes I feel like eating it even though I know it's poison and eating it not good for our health...
Yeah not real food it will KILL you.
I agree. It's revolting.
A healthy diet is a balanced diet. The content of the food sold at McDonald's is actually quite healthy. Eating too much of it or eating it to the exclusion of anything else is unhealthy - but you could say the same about goji berries.
unhealthy, but not poison.
Are you sure McDonald's is poison?
Everything is toxic tho. All the food are poisoned by the government mostly to kill us more. No government is with you or “truthful.” Nothing is real anymore. SHlT System.
yah i think
In for a mac attack
You know, Kristy Livingstone, she was kind of like a metaphor. Sabes, Kristy Livingstone, ella fue una especie de metáfora.
I think Kristy is very mature for her age.
I'm pretty sure Kristy can cut that Gordian knot. Estoy seguro de que Kristy puede cortar ese nudo gordiano.
Had a fight with kristy outside the Orpheus last night around midnight. Anoche discutió con Kristy Hopkins frente al Orpheus.
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