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Why does Wikipedia say New Zealand's oldest building is a mission house not even 200 years old?
If a married couple buys a house does the house have to be under one of their names? Or can they co-own the house?
Why no Kangaroos in New Zealand?
Can you move out of your parents house at 16 in New Zealand?
Are online lotteries safe?
Why do lotteries remain popular?
Where can one find the results for the UK lotteries?
One can find the results for the UK lotteries by visiting The National Lottery website. One can view all the results of the lotteries on this site, insluding the Lotto, EuroMillions and Thunderball.
How do I find Names of past NJ lotteries?
Entire house fly-tipped in New Zealand Developer offers reward to find the people who dumped an entire building on their land.
Foreign lotteries eye Camelot stake
How to spot fake lotteries and other cons
Inquiry in to school place lotteries
How just £10 can get you hundreds of goes at the world's biggest lotteries Punters looking to be a part of the world's biggest lottery jackpots need to read this
More schools 'should allocate places using lotteries'
New Zealand Backcountry House
Entire house fly-tipped in New Zealand
Developer offers reward to find the people who dumped an entire building on their land.
Dumped New Zealand house 'returned to sender
Mystery of a fly-tipped house on development land appears to be solved.
New Zealand firms up ban on foreign house buyers
The New Zealand government firmed up plans Tuesday to prevent foreigners from buying houses in the country, saying it wanted the new law in place early next year. New Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she aimed to have the ban take effect before the wide-ranging Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is ratified in February. Ardern, who was only sworn in as prime minister last week, said Australians would be exempt.
New Zealand Holds Rates, Flags House Prices
New Zealand Holds Rates New Zealand's central bank kept interest rates on hold and indicated it would do so through the end of the year.
Asia House of the Day: Vineyard Life on a New Zealand Island—Photos
Vineyard Life on a New Zealand Island This colonial-style house on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, comes with a six-acre vineyard, a fully-equipped winery, an indoor heated pool and a sweeping view of the Hauraki Gulf.
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New Zealand Lotteries House
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Does a Russian need a separate New Zealand visa for a cruise that docks in New Zealand?
I am a Russian citizen. At the moment I have obtained an Australian tourist visa to cruise. Voyage starts from Sydney and ship will be docking at New Zealand ports as well.Do I need a New Zealand visa?
New Zealand Lotteries House
Why does Wikipedia say New Zealand's oldest building is a mission house not even 200 years old?
I thought New Zealand is where Lord Of the Rings was filmed and the shires and Middle Earth thousands of years ago? How can the oldest building be a mission house that is actually pretty modern looking much like a contemporary inn house in the English countryside ?
Your trolling aren't you? Yes that was where they filmed the helms deep scenes in the steps but the coast is full of forests that are traditionally inhabited by people similar to the Polynesians called the Maori who were conquered by the U.K. As New Zealand was settled
A thousand years ago there were no humans in New Zealand. It was not a country, just an uninhabited group of islands.
New Zealand is a unique island, because it was the only part of the world in which the dinosaurs did not become extinct. For this reason very few buildings were erected there. realise Lord of the Rings is fictional, right?
If you report to Starfleet command you can get beamed up to our Starship and we can show you.
If a married couple buys a house does the house have to be under one of their names? Or can they co-own the house?

Usually it's jointly owned, under both names
You can jointly own a home. It just has to be titled that way at closing.
If a person buys a house, or anything else, while single, the property is in his/her name only. Of course, said property owner will need to sign papers & many legal letters to make this stick in community property states. So, BE CAREFUL!
A house can be under multiple names. When you buy a house as a married couple it is called marital property and both people on it. No one person owns more of it than the other for any reason. It would be the same situation if you go to buy a home together and have both names on the mortgage and get married while you're living in it, it would then still be marital property. In a situation where either party already owns a home and the other one moves in and they get married that home also becomes marital property and both people involved in the couple on it. If there is excessive fighting that escalates into someone having to leave a decision has to be agreed upon as to which person leaves. No one person that has power over the other one. If there is already fighting in the relationship you need to really consider whether you want to be married or not because excessive fighting is not a healthy relationship.
The house is in joint names and even if it was only in one name it is still joint and if the marriage ended both still have the right to live there and if one moves out they come to an agreement who buys the other one out and if you cant afford to buy them out or they buy you out the house is sold and once mortgage paid off any money left is split 50-50 or in my case when marriage ended and I was a stay at home mum and could afford to do anything, he stopped paying the mortgage and it was repossessed and I was made homeless. Good Luck
Are you in a community property state? Speak with a real estate attorney while you are planning on buying and ask this exact question...
Typically a married couple would purchase Home in both names and both would be liable on mortgage. Either party could buy Home in only one name, but if it is marital home, other may get some ownership in Home. Depend on laws in your locality, state, Country.
A residence may be beneath numerous brands. Once you obtain a residence being a wedded several it really is referred to as spouse house and also equally folks about it. No-one particular person has a lot more than it compared to the some other for almost any purpose. It will be the identical circumstance in the event you head to obtain a residence with each other and possess equally brands around the mortgage loan and acquire wedded if you are surviving in that, it could next nevertheless be spouse house.
title and loan are not the same, often people end up with joint title yet one name on mortgage bad deal for the mortgage holder buy before yes and make sure you personally make all the payments and do not commingle funds in living conditions ,, have a $1.00 rent agreement with him making it clear ,,, get a prenuptial agreement there is nothing wrong with good planning the idea all money is one and all money is nonsense IE after your married will you wear his underwear or he wear yours? no so there is already ideal of separate property ,, just realize it follows through on the big costly items marriage is about being a companion and if so co-parents ,,,,,,, if it is about the money and one is marrying the other for their money it will be a failure and the responsible one must protect themselves... if they never separate divorce,, then this is just a paper that means nothing, do not let people guilt you into being reckless
If you buy when married, most common is both on house. Can be just one, but only their credit and income then gets considered. In a community property state, the house would be property of both spouses automatically if purchased during marriage.
Co-owning a house - the house would be in one or both of their names, or in a trust if they have one.
They can co-own.
If that is how you think I suggest you do not marry this person
State law also comes into play on this one. My wife and I were both required to be on the mortgage.
On divorce depends on the financial agreement you come to with your partner or if you can’t agree, what a court decides is fair.
well you must realise whoever is on the mortgage is responsible for paying it it is between you how you deal with it but the lender will want your input too how you can afford to pay etc you can be joint owners but you have to agree from the start
State law would dictate how a married couple would hold title to a house. #1. Community property state Both names are required to be listed as owners of the house. When the mortgage loan process close the title company would be required to record the house in both names. Once the deed has been recorded, the owners would be able to add or take a name off the title to the property. You would have to inform the title company of your desire to remove one from the title deed. #2. Non community property states Married couples are able to purchase a house as an individual or as a married couple. They would decide as to how the deed to the property is recorded. If you own a house prior to you getting married, this house would continue to be in your name for ever. there is no way the house would ever be in your spouse name, unless you add your spouse to the title deed. It also matters not if your spouse contribute funds to pay for the mortgage loan, insurance, repairs of the house. Unless you add your spouse to the deed this property is not considered, nor would ever be considered martial property. This would apply even of you reside in a community property state. In getting married, there would always be disagreements and fights. These disagreements and fights should not escalate to the point of one person being required to leave the house. Even if you have complete ownership of a house it is illegal for a person to kick one of the residents out. Both has established residency in the house. There is a legal procedure you would be required to go through to have your spouse removed from the house. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
If both buy, both names are on it. But if you buy then get married your spouse has marital rights to the house in most states anyway.
Why no Kangaroos in New Zealand?
Even though it is close to Australia
Because they can't swim that fare
Their kangaroos are sheep
Same reason there are no keas in Australia
Because kangaroos evolved from other marsupials about 4 million years ago while New Zealand split away from Gondwana 55-85 million years ago. The only other answer that is close is that when Kangaroos evolved they were unable to swim the considerable distance to New Zealand.
3000 km (or a 4 hour flight) is close?
Wallabies are in New Zealand, right? Not that close. Look it up.
When Noah dropped them off after the flood he put them in Australia not in New Zealand.
cuz its life
"Close" still means 1300 miles!
They are able to swim over
More jobs in Oz.
Turning to question 4 on the list of issues, he said that New Zealand did not agree with the Committee's assessment that undue delay had occurred in the E.B. v. New Zealand case. En relación con la cuestión 4 de la lista de cuestiones, el orador dice que Nueva Zelandia no está de acuerdo con la afirmación del Comité de que se produjo un retraso injustificado en la causa E. B. c. Nueva Zelandia.
Got them lotteries all over now, Bonesy. Ahora hay loterías por todos lados, Bonesy.
A scratch and win ticket there, and hospital lotteries... Un boleto para raspar allá, y lotería de hospitales...
Interpretation of dreams so they can win on the numbers lotteries. Interpretación de sueños para poder ganar la lotería.
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