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Housing Programs there are Housing Programs at this place called Pathways How are Housing Programs and are they worth it?
What is better private rent or housing association social housing?
What are the main differences between housing in America and housing in England?
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Out of the 3 (Immigration, Insufficient housing, housing affordability), which do you think is the most/main cause of NZ/Aucklands housing crisis?
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Book by Martin Zethfield
Is a “coolant housing Ieak” coming from the housing or thermostat?
I have a 2010 Mini Cooper S and my coolant is leaking. Only way I know what it is is because you see a small liquid puddle under the car. There is no odor. When I took my car in for oil change I was ...
Can playing lotteries be rational?
Suppose you have to choose between: a. getting 1$ b. getting a ticket of the lottery L(p) which gives you 1'000'000'000$ with probability p and 0 with probability (1-p), with p such that the expected ...
Housing Programs there are Housing Programs at this place called Pathways How are Housing Programs and are they worth it?

What is better private rent or housing association social housing?
So currently we are renting a 1 bed flat from landlords that we know, there 2 of us and my 1yr old son, we have been offered a 2 bed social house from the local housing we damage any chance to buy a house in the future living in social housing, we both work and pay our rent so we were shocked...
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A Housing Association flat would be better, they're usually more responsible than private landlords. It won't damage your chances of buying later compared to a private let, all mortgage lenders really care about is whether you will be able to afford the repayments.
There is nothing at all detrimental in you moving to social housing - nil, zero, zip, nada.
No you would only damage your chances if you didn't pay rent and get a poor credit record or you lose your jobs and don't have secure, long term jobs and obviously savings to pay a deposit...which the Government even support 1st time buyers with by giving them £50 for every £200 saved up to £3000, so if you and your wife opened separate help to buy ISAs you could get £6000 for free towards a deposit
No you may have a better chance to buy after living in HA property. Private rent does not build up any advantages. Sometimes HA offer a right to buy or you may get a swap into Council accomodation where you may have a RTB. However, you must not default on your rent as that would damage your chances.It is really unusual to have an offer of social housing. Please check the T&Cs of the tenancy - is it fixed term, introductory or what. Good luck with whatever you decide.
What are the main differences between housing in America and housing in England?

The most obvious difference is the size per person on averages. Australia has even bigger houses, but USA homes and apartments are typically far larger than the UK. UK has 33 meters square per person on average. USA has 77 meters square per person on average. The USA homes are typically far newer. Statistics are hard to find, but one showed the average age of a single family home in the USA to be 36 years old. In the UK, the words you see are "most of the homes are Victorian era". There are other differences. Although public housing, government supported, is being reduced as a percentage in the UK, as was up at 42% in the late 1970's and is down to about 8% now, the structure is different and there were in the USA approximately 1.3 million units of occupied public housing in 1995 of 98 million (1.3%) and should be reduced now with more households to make a lower percentage. The governments in the USA own few housing. Instead most on government support for housing in the USA get funded differently. Rural vs urban percentages are about the same. Owner occupied versus rental are about the same. Part of home location and life may be reflected in public versus private transportation. The USA has 263.6 million vehicles for 326 million people. That is about 81% The UK has about 38.7 million registered vehicles for 65.6 million people as 59% One of the characteristics of US housing is parking and private garages often on-property in far greater numbers. The variation in housing construction and types in the USA is far greater because of variations in climate, amount of space available, age of construction, and available materials used. We have more instances of creative architecture. http:// http:// There are other factors that link to the average age of housing and available space such as number of bathrooms, finished basements, available amenities such as swimming pools either personal or localized community, number of levels, and more. Excluding Alaska and other off-shore, the 48 contiguous US States are 7,653,006 km² for say 323 million people as 42.2 people per km². The UK is 242,495 km² for 65.6 million as 270.5 people per km² But there are vastly empty places with very few people in the USA. I live in the State of Nevada. We divide a state by county Carson City, government capital, 55,000 people 373 km² = 147 per sq km Clark County with Las Vegas about 2.1 million people 20,489 km2 = 102 per sq km Washoe County with Reno, NV as 430,000 people 16,426 km2 = 26.2 per sq km Balance of Nevada is about 300,000 people on 247,000 sq km as about 1 person per sq km
frankly all I can see is that the land in each country is different
Housing in America - boring. Housing in England - stone houses with cobblestone roads - very much missed.
Main differences are UK brick built , slate roof /US timber framed, ashfelt/shingle roof ( UK use that only on small garden sheds). Size of houses in the US are larger and spread out, land available doesn't allow that for the majority of properties
As a general rule, houses in the UK are built of brick where American houses tend not to be. American houses however, have basements - not cellars, properly finished basements which makes use of under-developed areas and can be a boon when it's hot outside. But then when does it get hot for more lthan a day or two in the UK!! Houses in the UK tend to be built close together because of the lack of land available. Not so in America. But this is all 'in general'.
The housing allowance system comprises general housing allowances, housing supplements for students and housing allowances for pensioners. El sistema de asignaciones de vivienda comprende asignaciones generales de vivienda, suplementos de vivienda para estudiantes y asignaciones de vivienda para pensionados.
In order to ease housing expenses for houseless citizens, the security deposit or rent for national rental housing units managed by the Korea Housing Corporation has been frozen for two years. Asimismo, con el fin de disminuir los gastos de vivienda para los ciudadanos sin hogar, se ha congelado durante dos años el depósito de garantía o alquiler de las unidades de viviendas nacionales de alquiler administradas por la Empresa Coreana de Viviend
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We lived in a coed dorm, with the first and third floors housing the young men, and the second floor housing the girls.
Broomloan House Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD
166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LW
67a Castle Street, Inverness, IV2 3DU
14 Princes Gardens, 1/1, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 9HR
28 Castle Road, Bathgate, EH48 2UB
6 Albert Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB25 1XQ
Facts & Figures, 4 Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh, EH11 1LW
Unit 7 Stromness Business Centre, Back Road, Stromness, Orkney, KW16 3AW
19 Ravensheugh Road, Musselburgh, East Lothian, EH21 7PX
7 Wagley Parade, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB219UB
48 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G41 2AN
Caledonian House, Links Road, Leven, Fife, KY8 4HS