To marry a wife's sister, not inconsistent with the divine law

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Do the Mormons not know that they can't marry only one WIFE, or one wife can't marry ONLY one husband? God does not allow bigamy!?
My Dad told me he doesn;t want me to marry my step-sister but since she is not DNA sister then what is wrong with this?
My wife cheated on me. Should I cheat on her as revenge or should I divorce her first then marry a new wife?
Can you marry your wife's sister?
Can you marry your brother's wife's sister?
Can you marry your deceased wife's sister?
Yes, provided that she is not married to someone else.
Does the law allow a man to marry the sister of his deceased wife?
Can you divorce your wife and marry her sister?
Salim's sister Sanaa Mehajer to marry Moudi Tajjour A senior member of the Nomads bikie gang has announced he will marry Salim Mehajer's younger sister.
Sanaa Mehajer, Salim's sister, to marry Moudi Tajjour A senior member of the Nomads bikie gang has announced he will marry Salim Mehajer's younger sister.
Sister of soldier killed in Afghanistan to marry comrade who tried to save him
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Theory: Lord Manderly tries to marry Jon to Wylla at White Harbor in S8 premiere. Jon vows in front publicly that bc Robb's marriage got so many Northerners killed (plus wife and baby), the KITN will not marry until the NK is dead and Dany sits on the Ir
Man kills wife to marry another woman, nabbed
Who is Dana York? When did Tom Petty marry his second wife and does he have any children?
TOM Petty is said to be close to death following a cardiac arrest on October 2 at his Malibu home according to US media reports. Here’s what we know about his wife Dana York and his family… Who is Dana York and when did she marry Tom Petty? Dana York attended a concert in Texas […]
Man who married because 'the Lord said' dies after wife fled with kids to marry a wealthy man
A Twitter user , took to the platform to narrate how a man who got to his because of a Pastor’s ‘the Lord said’ died, due to heartbreak. According to her, the man died after his wife who was always money hungry, absconded with their kids to live with a wealthy man who promised to marry her...
Man stabs wife, sister-in-law to death
Wife, sister-in-law held for man’s murder
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To marry a wife's sister, not inconsistent with the divine law
Book by Nehemiah Prudden
* “I’m Under Pressure To Marry My Late Sister’s Husband” I have heard and read stories about young women being asked to marry their late sister’s husband for one reason or the other but, I never anticipated it would happen to me. I am the second girl and last child of my family. My elder sister, Eunice, met and got married to Andrew, her husband, when I was just in Junior Secondary School (JSS) 3. She is eight years older than me. Six years after… View On WordPress
* tfw someone calls you morally inconsistent but then they are also morally inconsistent it’s almost like different situation require different reactions but i guess it’s only a problem when i do it (which is even more morally inconsistent)
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Can you marry your Wife's Sister as a non “Rival Wife”?
When discussing polygamy with someone from Chinese culture, they mentioned how marrying sisters was considered a good idea as they were more likely to get along. This made me wonder about the ...
Requirement to Divorce an Infertile Wife or Marry a Second Wife
In the Mishneh Torah הלכות אישות פרק טו, ב Rambam requires a man to who hasn't had a male and female child and whose wife has not given birth for ten years since their marriage to either take a second ...
To marry a wifes sister not inconsistent with the divine law
Do the Mormons not know that they can't marry only one WIFE, or one wife can't marry ONLY one husband? God does not allow bigamy!?

Morons do not j know what a Reformed S Egyptian is or the foundation of their beliefs . Cults can't see themselves . Only other cults are cults and not their cult
LDS ? Tell them you believe Joseph Smith & Brigham Young are burning in Hell right now .. as the one in Luke 16:20 Lucifer sent Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to fool the world into trusting his lies. Mormon was a fictitious character .. so how do you follow someone who never existed ? .. and no gold Egyptian tablets were buried in New York 1,650 yrs. ago like your prophet said he found, but then accidentally lost. And your prophet said The Garden of Eden was in Missouri, USA. Why do you choose to believe lying prophets ? The Israeli General Mormon fairy tale says he lived in America in 360 AD New York is Joseph Smith's lie of the century. DNA evidence proves that Mormon leaders are not descendants of Israel. The scroll was later found to prove that the Mormon "Book of Abraham" was a complete fraud by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith required that all his followers give their homes and farm land to his cult so he could control them. Joseph Smith's control was so great that he could openly have sex with all the wives and daughters of the hundreds of families in his new cult. Joseph Smith also taught that he was greater than Jesus, that Jesus is Satan's brother, and Jesus isn't God and coming back to judge the world at all as it clearly states in the book of Revelation. Joseph also said tall 1,000 yr. old Quaker dressed people live on the moon. Prophet Brigham Young taught people live on the sun, Adam was God, John the Baptist came back to bestow a priesthood on Joseph Smith, and Peter, James & John came back to make Melchizedeks out of Joseph and Oliver Cowdrey. Mormon cult members rac, rrosskopf, Neerp and Publius above are paid to reply to every Mormon question posted on social media. Mormon founder Joseph Smith was shot dead after he shot 3 men during his attempted escape from jail in 1844. Mormons were ordered exterminated in 1838 by the Missouri Governor Complete Mormon library Brigham Young ordered the execution of 120 men, women and children who were on their way to California from back east. He told his men to dress as Indians during the murders so the Mormons would not be implicated. Mountain Meadows Massacre of reported Missourians was in retaliation of Joseph Smith's being killed there and the state governor ordering the Mormon extermination in 1838.
First, the LDS do not practice plural marriage. That was given up 128 years ago. Second, God does allow plural marriage as many of the Old Testament Prophets had multiple wives. Even in the New Testament, plural marriage was practiced, otherwise Paul would have no reason to council Bishops to be the husband of one wife. In the heavens, it is likely that plural marriage will be practiced because marriage is a heavenly ordinance and there are more worthy women than men. Therefore, worthy men will have to serve multiple worthy women in order for all to receive their promised blessings.
It seems they do whatever they want.
Nor does the state. The New York Times defended the decision, noting that the 1862 act that banned bigamy, though "obviously directed at the polygamous practices of the Mormons, merely extended over the Territories the common law in relation to bigamy which exists in every State of the Union." Its editorial ridiculed the Mormon defense of polygamy as a religious practice and said: "Similarly, a sect which should pretend, or believe, that incest, infanticide, or murder was a divinely appointed ordinance, to be observed under certain conditions, could set up that the enforcement of the common law, as against either [sic] of these practices, was an invasion of the rights of conscience."
Real "Mormons," Christians in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, know that Christ does not currently allow polygamy. He did at various times in the past, e.g., when the prophets gave David his wives. Learn from the living prophets and apostles.
For LDS Mormons - that is: the group of Mormons that is by far the largest a rule against polygamy has existed since the late 1800s. So: the overwhelming majority of Mormons agree with you.
I assume the Mormons do not read the Bible. They have their own book and they can believe anything their leaders tell them.
Then why did he put up with King Solomon all those years?
Did you never read the Old Testament? The USA doesn't allow bigamy. Paul suggested that a church leader have only one wife. The way you make it sound, it is a Christian necessity. It isn't. It is a Christian tradition. Not a Christian necessity.
Jesus was a polygamist. The Jews didn't give up polygamy for another thousand years after Jesus died and was resurrected. When they did give up polygamy, it was for much the same reason as the Mormons; to stop the constant persecution. Polygamy was not only protected, it was demanded in certain situations by the Mosaic Law. It was a way of providing for the livelihood of widows. Of course the LDS church, which accounts for nearly 99% of all Mormons, hasn't practiced polygamy in over a hundred years.
sorry, i dont agree with you. yes plural marriage is a part of believing in the temple marriage of eternal glory. worlds without end. its also necessary to at least obey the prophets and if we are to be exalted to beleive also in plural marriage as a divine covenant and commandment. however the book of mormon does prohibit concubines and the official declaration of 1890 does prohibit plural marriage, and yet i still believe it might be instituted before the appearance of the Lord which could be in 50 yrs or not for another 250 years and then depending on millenial prophecies not for another 1250 years. the Lord will return and the saints will be exalted. and yes some will only become angels to serve those that are exalted as God.
no gods exist. who cares!
Who says God doesn't allow bigamy? Jesus never condemned it. I'm a Baha'i, a member of the Baha'i Faith. We believe there is only one God, that sent Buddha, Jesus, Moses, etc to humanity, now Baha’u’llah has come. hearttoheart
hey when you get out of jail and you invent your own religion...then you can talk......
Read the bible 1 wife and 1 husband
My Dad told me he doesn;t want me to marry my step-sister but since she is not DNA sister then what is wrong with this?

your dad thinks of you and her as 'sister and brother' - he raised you both to be siblings if you two marry - it will make him look like a bad parent (because he didn't teach you not to touch your sister)
if its legal just do it, you might as well since you have a child together
Just tell him you all are trolls and that is why you are marrying.
There's a stigma around marrying family, even if the relation isn't in blood. You're family will certainly be subject to social ridicule and possible excommunication from social groups if you marry your sister. Chances are that this has already happened, since you've already had a child together. Although it can seem unfair that your dad is looking out merely for the family's reputation, it's also unfair to him that the whole family is being socially snubbed due to no action of their own. Every time you'd be seen together in your town, your family's reputation will suffer, even though they didn't do anything. Getting married will only bring fuel to that fire. I think that you really should leave well enough alone, but you've already had a kid. Damage has been done. If you're really insistent on being married for the sake of your child, the best thing you can do is get out of that town (if either of you are under 18, you will have to wait until you are both of age. You'd have to wait until then to get married anyway). Get eloped and find a cheap place to live as far away from your hometown as you can get. Find a job, take care of your kid, and just try to get on with your lives with as little drama as possible. That way, you two will be a run-away story that everyone will forget about. You're family's reputation will recover, you two can live your lives, and things will be decently alright, if not ideal.
Nothing. if you met her first then he seen her mother and feel in "LIKe" with her what would be his reservations? Would he show you the same respect and not approach the mom no, he would follow his heart as you should yours? Tell Pop He can't have'em both lol.
Do you only do what your Dad wants? Did he want you to make your stepsister pregnant?
If you two have a healthy relationship then by all means. If your dad can't accept that relationship, don't let that drag you down physically or emotionally as you still have a whole new experience with that family.
My wife cheated on me. Should I cheat on her as revenge or should I divorce her first then marry a new wife?

My first wife was unfaithful, she had an adulterous affair. Nothing she did or failed to do would be justification for me to violate my own moral standards. I divorced her, and later remarried. but while I was married to my first wife I was never unfaithful.
Divorce is a better option. Leave the drama queen behind.
revenge cheating is not the answer
Sinking to her low level seems like a horrible idea. Cutting ties and moving on with your life seems like the way to go. But it's your life and your decision.
Its your choice but I suggest just getting a divorce. You don't want the Lord hanging adultery over your head.
You should see a marriage councilor.
I wouldn't add fuel to the fire. If you get involved with someone else, you run the risk of being posed as the instigator. And it isn't fair to them to be dragged through your contentious divorce. Wait till you're free first.
Revenge is for children, AND she already cheated on you, so I'm sure she doesn't care if you cheat. She wants out of the marriage. Sure, divorce her and marry a new wife (as opposed to a used wife).
Do you genuinely still love her ?
You say that your worth more than that. You deserve to have someone who loves you. Clearly she does not if she cheated on you. Funny, this is the same advice I tell women who are in the same position.
And our new novice, Sister Martha, has a most divine contralto voice. Y nuestra nueva novicia, la hermana Martha, tiene una maravillosa voz de contralto.
Clarissa did not marry a librarian as her sister did, nor did she marry a financier, as was expected of her.
His sister Inger will never marry. Su hermana Inger nunca se casó.
Ask your sister to marry me first, and smash you up afterwards.
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