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Are companies allowed to leave a 5 hour gap before hydrating in a factory environment for a 11 hour shift?
Do you agree with liberals that we need a $15/hour minimum wage so that more low-skill laborers will be out of a job? Why not $20/hour?
If one theoretically entered a black hole, stayed there for an hour and came back out, would time have changed more than an hour in earth?
How do you fix the factory radio code on 2000 eclipse I let is sit a hour a then tryed to type in the code then hit the CD button but it would not come on I know I have the right code But I dont knowt?
You got a code 41 on your obd1 1990 park ave you changed the cam sencer and reset the comp by taking battery off for half hour car started for a few seconds and lite came back on tested same code what?
Rae earns 8.40 an hour plus an overtime rate equal to 1 times her regular pay for each hour worked beyond 40 hours What are her total earnings for a 45-hour work week?
If you ask a mechanic what their shop hour price is and they tell you 60. do you pay 60.00 per hour or 60.00 per hour per person working on your vehicle?
Is Rush Hour a non-peak hour because in the movie Rush Hour it shows the little girl is being kidnapped during a non-peak hour is nowhere connected with the title?
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Change the tax code not the Takeover Code to encourage long termism
Talking Rugby: No code like the old code
Scottish referendum: Hour by hour, hope turned to despair for Yes voters
Hour by hour, a hunger striking Palestinian journalist starves to death in Israeli custody
Driver stunned after being hit with £25 fine for buying a two hour ticket that ran out just over an hour later A DRIVER was left fuming after being slapped with a parking fine after returning early to his car. Elliot Cook says he paid for two hours parking but when he returned after one hour and 40 minutes to find a £25 parking ticket. When he asked for an explanation from the traffic warden he was […]
‘Uniform civil code need of the hour’
Uniform civil code need of the hour: Minister
LF: PAL Marshadow code/Target Charizard code/Celebi code FT: PAL/NA Salazzle code or cloned Gen 6-7 events
Lf: HKTW silvally code (s), NA/PAL Marshadow code(s) & Target Charizard code(s) Ft: UP TO 6 GENNED PKMN OF YOUR CHOICE
Snow is heading for Huddersfield at rush-hour - this is your hour-by-hour forecast
Showers that hit Scarborough overnight are coming our way with 2cm in some places 
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[07-12] Not only did my class rock hour of code today, they rocked #stemday as well. #GVRox
[17-12] A little late, but @dianneOC reminded me that I should have tweeted out pictures of our Hour at Code @StMarysMD, ru…
[06-12] Thank you to everybody who has helped with RSMS STEM Day/Hour of Code today.It was great to see all the students…
[01-12] Apple commemorates Computer Science Education Week with new Hour of Code sessions
[30-01] Recognizing our Hour of Code Student facilitators for all their hard work and leadership. @RoswellPrinShaw…
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[03-10] #raw #sdlive We are in hour 2- give us a listen. Click on the feed and stream live. Join us for the Code Break. 844-627-3352
[11-11] Golden Ratio Code (aka) Fibonacci Code = 1.618The Ratio Code point of the World is the Kaaba in Mecca#granddesigns
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SpriteBox : Code Hour
Video game
* Finally! After about an hour or so, I deciphered all the codes in the journal that use the code in the picture above. There were...
* So I just played Rip It Win It Play It at Chuck E Cheese and won a free copy of Sonic Adventure 2 for the PC. In order to claim it, you have to go to chuckecheese/peelnwin and enter the code you got on the cup. Then you enter your information and it generates a second code for you to use in Steam. Like, I know why they have to do it that way, but it’s still weird to use a code to generate a code.
* I’ve seen that some people like to space their code out. They like to leave a line or two of blank code between their different <div>s, or they sandwich the contents of their <li>s by placing the <li> tag on the line above and below the element’s content. While <ul> lists that span a third of the page might be beautiful to some I think a case can be made for compact code. Compact code is neat, clear, and meaningful. When you put spaces in your code it’s hard to see the relationships that exist within your code. For example, the relationships that exist between your opening and closing tags. Looking through spacious code and tightening things up can reveal tags that are missing pairs as the related elements all come within sight of each other. While keeping parent and children nodes close aids proper nesting and helps your eye navigate the DOM. With spacious code your eye can’t put everything together easily. By removing unnecessary space compact code increases clarity and enhances comprehension.
Run code every hour of the hour
Our 3 month old wakes up almost every hour through the night and wants to breastfeed only to wake up again 1 hour to half hour later [duplicate]
We are new parents to our first baby boy. When we got home from the hospital 3 1/2 months ago, our baby cried a lot when put down, and just wanted to be held. He hated swaddling so after trying every ...
SpriteBox  Code Hour
Are companies allowed to leave a 5 hour gap before hydrating in a factory environment for a 11 hour shift?

YES in the UK. Employment laws state you have a 20 minute break in each 6 hour shift. There is no right to have water breaks. look at the superstores, Tesco, M&S, do you see the staff at the tills drinking water? They work the same shifts as you. this hydrating nonsense came in a few years ago when bottled water became popular, now everyone carries them like a babies dummy. Before this we had to go somewhere and buy a drink. They are keeping well within the law. btw, Ever seen a Doctor or a Nurse carrying a water bottle, Firefighter, road sweeper ? UK
Nope....look about five down. That is a clear OSHA violation. One phone call would pull an inspector in and the company will be installing water fountains. Here are your options:
What state? Break laws are by state. None that I know of specify what breaks can be for. None that I know of specify that people need to get hydration breaks at specific points.
Law says break every 4 hours and 5 minutes for every hour worked
Do you agree with liberals that we need a $15/hour minimum wage so that more low-skill laborers will be out of a job? Why not $20/hour?

We need a higher minimum wage to bring the buying power of minimum wage workers back up to 1960s levels. That would be good for the economy. The unemployment numbers are good. Now is the time for the raise.
because it would hurt small businesses. It would impact leading taxes to go higher, things costing more and layoff on jobs.
One word: Inflation
40% of fast food workers receive some form of government assistance like food stamps. That means that taxpayers are subsidizing their income through our taxes. Wouldn't it be better for McDonald's to pay their employees a living wage and you and I could get another tax cut that would offset any hit to inflation? Why is that difficult to understand?
So, it's alright for those that don't make a livable wage, to live on welfare, half of Wal-Mart's employees are receiving some kind of aide. Whether it be welfare, food stamps, or Medicaid.
"So that more low-skill laborers will be out of job"? You're a moron, a total buffoon. You clearly don't understand the macroeconomic or microeconomic long-run or short-run effects of raising the minimum wage. If you did, you wouldn't be regurgitating such nonsensical buIIshit you stole from others who understand economics as little as you do. I'd enlighten you, but I spent about $60,000 in tuition getting my enlightenment, so I'm not handing it out for free. How's that for economics? Oh, that's right. You don't know. Well, how about "I'm not casting my pearls before swine" instead? Hmm, I'm not you'll get that either, so just to be clear, my pearls are my hard-earned wisdom and you're the proverbial swine.
Yes, I agree the minimum wage should be $15 an hour, no, I don’t agree with your fantasy.
That's bulls*it.
All Progressives do agree that minimum wage should be 15 dollars an hour. Many may know that it will put more low skill workers out of a job. Those that know it, believe that putting low skill worker out of a job is a good thing. That way they will need more government workers and more people on welfare. As well as more dependable Democratic voters. A win-win for them.
Nope. Leave it up to the states and keep the Federal Min. Wage as is.
I agree that liberal are trashbags.
If one theoretically entered a black hole, stayed there for an hour and came back out, would time have changed more than an hour in earth?

You can't emerge from a black hole, but more time would've passed on Earth.
If it were possilbe - yes. As you near a gravitational source, time for you slows... A black hole has gravity strong enough that not even light can escape, so it stands to reason that time nearly stops. So... imagine. You’re in a science-fiction ship, nearing a black hole. At the event horizon, you feel your heartbeat, check your watch, and it’s ticking away like normal... but, when you look out into the cosmos - you’re seeing the whole universe seeming to age and die in what for you is a very short time. And - all the radiation, light, and debris from all the events in the universe will come flooding in on you seemingly all at once - pretty much frying you where you are... But, say you move away from the black hole - and *much* time has passed. We don’t know about time effects within the event horizon; there’s theories, but no information escapes so... we don’t know. We *can* deduce what it’s like as you near the event horizon, however. (It’s a pretty scary place...)
You can't escape a black hole, nothing can, not dark energy, not light, not anything that exists, I reckon the only way that black holes ever let out their contents is when they all smash together at the end of one universe, and the start of another, the big bang, or that's the big bounce theory. What goes up, must come down. Anyway, no time exists in a black hole because nothing can happen, it's all just super dense mass, the electron stops revolving around the nucleus and collapses, taking away almost all of the volume, but not the mass. It's hard to say what happens in it, but the answer is you would get crushed to the size of a speck of dust, or smaller, and that would be that.
There is a lot to take in from relativity. Black holes are incredibly massive even though they cover a small region. Because of the relationship between mass and gravity, this means they have an extremely powerful gravitational force. we know that the stronger the gravitational field of an object, the more the space around the object is warped This effect is called gravitational time dilation. Now General relativity says light has no mass, is constant and travels in a straight line so how does gravity effect light?Well it’s a bit more complicated than that. Einstein discovered straight lines are no longer straight if exposed to a strong gravitational field; instead, they are curved. Since light ordinarily travels on a straight-line path, light follows a curved path if it passes through a strong gravitational field.This is what is meant by "curved space,"and this is why light becomes trapped in a black hole.
Theoretically ... First up if we watch someone approaching a black hole we would never actually see them enter past the event horizon. Because time for that person slows down and stops (at the event horizon). So if we did wait till the person crossed the event horizon, an enormous amount of time would have elapsed for our observer - and for people back on earth. In fact on earth it would be the "end of time" Earth and the whole universe would have ceased to exist.
You can't enter a black hole and come out, ever.
No. When you went inside the black hole you would enenter relative time, but when you came out you would re-enter normals time
No, not by just one hour, but an entire age. It's a Historical Change. Time may change due to the changes in the black hole rather than because someone entered it and came out. If the universe is the clock-face showing time, then the black hole is the pendulum bob, swinging to and fro. When the black hole swings from one pole to the next, the age passes from one to the next, and this is predictable.
HOW would you know an hour had passed. in the black hole. Gravity SLOWS TIME DOWN. CENTURIES or even THOUSANDS of years could have passed on Earth. once you went beyond the EVENT HOROZON OF the black hole. The event horizon OF the black hole is WHERE time STOPS AND becomes eternity, infinity.. This is assuming you were not spaghettified and stretched to death while going through the even horizon OF the black hole.
No. The only time we know is the time system we created. There is only one type of hour, the hour we know of on Earth. So, an hour, 60 minutes, in a black hole would mean an hour of existence on Earth has also passed.
Hetty also has an Encino property, code name Briar Patch, a beach house in Venice, code name Ancora, a loft downtown, code name Callisto, and, of course, her boat, Lady H, code name Sanctuary. Hetty también tiene una propiedad en Encino, nombre clave Briar Patch, una casa en la playa en Venice, nombre clave Ancora, un loft en el centro, nombre clave Callisto, y por supuesto, su barco, Lady H, nombre clave Sanctuary.
Unscheduled freight departure from Loading Dock 4 cleared with Burr's code less than an hour ago. Salida no programada de flete del muelle de carga 4... autorizado con el código de Burr hace menos de una hora.
They include physical visits of the farm (code 'F' or code 'C') and/or checks by remote sensing (code 'T'). Incluyen las visitas materiales de la explotación (código «F» o código «C») y los controles por teledetección (código «T»).
The Code also structures working hours so as not to exceed six hours daily, interspersed with a one-hour break. La ley también establece el horario de trabajo en este último caso, que no puede superar las seis horas diarias, interrumpidas por una hora de descanso.
Mcelhinney & Co, 126 Drymen Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland, G61 3RB
Unit 11 West Calder Business Centre, Dickson Street, West Calder, West Lothian, EH55 8DY
100 Brand Street, Glasgow, G51 1DG
Abbey Nursery, South Street, Houston, Renfrewshire, PA6 7ET
52 Durie Street, Methil, Leven, Fife, KY8 3AW
16 Byron Avenue, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB167LB
36b Pentland Avenue, Dundee, Tayside, DD2 2BS
47 Russell Place, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 2GJ
40 Groveburn Avenue, Thornliebank, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G46 7DA
150 Clydeholm Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G14 0QQ
20/1, 21 Birnie Court, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G21 3BL
40 Comely Bank Avenue, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH41EN