Thin Flaky Crust

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Poll: Thin Crust Pizza or Thick Crust Pizza?
Thin or thick crust pizza?
Is there a geologic situation where lighter continental crust could subduct under denser oceanic crust?
Why doesn't sweet tart dough produce a flaky crust?
How the thin outer crust is floating on the thick liquid mantle causing the crust to move and form a divergent plate boundary?
How thin is the crust?
Why the crust is described as a thin layer?
Is continental crust thin?
How to Make a Perfect, Flaky Pie Crust This Thanksgiving With Science
Let's start with a big warning: Don't bite off more than you can chew here. If you actually tried all the pie crust techniques that the bakers of the internet swear by, you would need to enlist a small town of volunteers to polish off the results. Just pick a technique or two to try for Thanksgiving, see what you like, and revisit for your next pie-worthy occasion. A perfect pie crust can catch anyone's eye.
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How to Make a Perfect, Flaky Pie Crust with Science
Your guests will be thankful for how delicious some science-based tips and tricks make your pie crusts.
Wood-fired and thin crust
What's your excuse for being flaky?
Struggling Argentina in thin air in Ecuador and on thin ice
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Guy Smarts: How to fix your dry, flaky chapped lips once and for all
You might notice them more in the winter because the dry winter air and the indoor heaters do a pretty good job of sapping out moisture from your skin. As winter approaches, you might be noticing that familiar rough, flaky texture reappear on your lips. It's uncomfortable, unattractive, and the urge to pick at them is pretty strong...
[06-08] Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings ???
[19-12] ICYMI: Thin crust? Thick crust? It's a neverending debate. But here's one pie, made by #astronauts in the #space station,
[22-11] These lemon bars are absolutely amazing! They have the perfect balance between tart and sweet, and the flaky crust…
[01-10] "Why is flaky such a bad quality in a date, but such a good quality in a crust?" Grace Adler is everything. @DebraMessing #WillAndGrace
[03-12] If you visit St. Louis you must stop by Imo’s for a thin-crust masterpiece
[24-01] Who's hungry? East Coast thin-crust #pizza.Sounds like a plan!
[12-12] Another beautiful start to the day along the Clyde with a thin crust of ice in places along the river #Glasgow #winter h
[19-01] Thin, crisp crust and a creamy delicate sour flavour sounds like a M&S advert bread porn #white…
[04-08] Remove the crust! Clean the valves! This system can remove the crust and cope with injection systems. #Autochem #UK
[25-01] When your eating pizza thinking it’s stuffed crust and you get to the crust and it’s pan pizza... ??? #AnnoysMeMoreThanAnything
[29-09] #BCFC should make a Blues pie Thin on the bottom Thin on the sides Thick up top & Nothing in the middle ?? #KRO
[23-01] The finished product. First attempt at cauliflower pizza crust #cauliflower #pizza #crust…
[05-10] #CPC17 - Cameras at Theresa May's speech will not show the audience. Thin, very thin, as many delegates have gone home
[04-12] @Colkilla1 @johnelway Stay true, thick and thin... We definitely thin at the moment #nodoubt #HTTR #gotjokes
[18-09] I ate 4 boxes of thin mints. Not feeling thin at all #MondayMotivation #CatsOfTwitter
[03-10] @leogriffin Do a thin glove which is thin that pressure sensors in the knuckles + finger tips. #Martial art shadowing app? #IfViable
[29-09] Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon - Unsliced Large Whole Side
Thin Flaky Crust

* Aura pie, you fill my soulYou sweeten up an empty holeYour flaky crust, boundless energyImmaterial, but filling me
* Leonardo’s By the Slice, within walking distance of the University of Florida campus, is a local staple for hungry college students. Featuring a selection of pizzas (thin and thick), rolls, salads, calzones and pasta, Leonardo’s offers a variety of options for under $10. Since slices range from $2.50 to $4.75, I opted to purchase an entire pie, figuring it was a better deal for more food (we are looking for feasts here, after all). Never one to be particularly adventurous in my pizza consumption (and in the interest of saving money), I decided on a New York cheese pizza. The 14-inch pizza was priced at $8.75. However, it was ultimately too good to be true, for I was told I would have to wait about 20 minutes to eat. 20 minutes turned into an excruciating 30 minutes, and finally my pizza came out. Fortunately, what Leonardo’s lacked in timeliness, it made up for in quality. The pizza was delicious, fresh and extraordinarily greasy (the above picture captures it in its post-napkin-dabbing glory). Overall, Leonardo’s probably offers the best pizza in Gainesville. They go easy on the sauce (in fact, they barely use any at all), they pile on the cheese, and their ingredients are noticeably fresh. On top of that, their crust seems to defy logic: crisp yet soft, thin but not flaky. Finally, the atmosphere at Leonardo’s is laid-back and casual. It wouldn’t be a bad place to study while you wait for your pizza to come out. And trust me, it could be a while. If you can pay over $10 for mediocre delivery pizza, you should certainly consider stopping by Leonardo’s and paying less for what is probably significantly higher quality pizza. Take a look at Leonardo’s menu here. Feast breakdown: 14-inch, thin-crust New York cheese pizza Grand total: $8.75.
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Non-flaky non-crumble pie crust
For some reason everone seems to love the standard pie crusts and want to get it either flaky or crumbly. For me, both are equivalent to "dry and floury, and give me the same shills down my spine as ...
Can I bake a quiche with a flaky crust?
I want to bake a chard quiche. Normally, I would use short pastry for the crust, but I want to practice my flaky pastry skills. Still, I plan to bake it in the normal quiche form. It is white glazed ...
Thin Flaky Crust
Poll: Thin Crust Pizza or Thick Crust Pizza?

Thin Crust... Thick Crust if it has cheese in it..
thin crust for me
whichever you offer me, I'll eat
Thin crust or traditional "handtossed". I dont really care for thick crust or "pan pizza".
Thin crust for me - yummy.
I like thick crust better :)
Thin. I don't want a mouthful of dough !
Thin and crisp with a decent amount of sauce. I don't think most places do thick crust properly.
Thick crust.
Both! But honestly, too thin is just eating toppings and too thick is just eating bread sticks.
So thin you can barely taste it
Thick crust cause tastes like fresh homemade bread. The thin crust is to brittle
Thick. Thin pizza feels pointless.
Thin or thick crust pizza?

thin and crispy for me
thicc and greasy ;)
Thin crust the majority of the time, but a stuffed crust is nice every once in awhile.
I prefer thick pizza crust :)
I don't like a lot of crust, thin please.
Thick and delicious, just like a woman
Thick (Hawaiian)
I like thin crust better
Thin but if the crust has cheese than thick
Real Italian style...thin!
Thin, preferably.
thick with cheese inside the crust.
Thin and crispy.
Is there a geologic situation where lighter continental crust could subduct under denser oceanic crust?

Sure. Despite the simplistic and incorrect "continental crust does not subduct" answers, there is well documented geological evidence that continental subduction has occurred in the past in the form of ultra-high pressure continental metamorphic rocks indicating burial to mantle depths >>100km. The first thing to understand is that subduction is not a crustal process, it does not really care about crustal density in isolation, but rather is a lithospheric process, and cares about the bulk density of the lithosphere - i.e. the density of the crust plus the lithospheric mantle attached to the crust. Broadly, if that density is higher than the density of the underlying mantle, subduction can occur. In the case of continental lithosphere, while the crust may be of low density, for old, cold continental crust, there may well be a much thicker, denser lithospheric root attached to the crust. Most tectonic plates are also composite, that is they contain both oceanic and continental lithosphere. So to subduct low density continental crust, all that is needed is a larger volume of high density material attached to it to drag it down, such as a dense oceanic slab, in the case of the subduction of a passive margin. In some cases at least this dense material must break off and the subducted continental crust rebounds to the surface, which is how we see the ultra-high pressure rocks exposed..
And the crust is nice and flaky. Y el corteza es agradable y escamosa.
And you have never tasted a crust so buttery and flaky. Y nunca has probado una corteza tan cremosa y escamosa.
Benjamin bit into the flaky crust of the empanada.
It was brown as to crust, and flaky and light as to interior.
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