Exercice 5 for string crossing

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Assume that the pulley is frictionless and the string is massless. If M1=5kg and M2=8kg , then what is the tension in the string?
Bjr a tous quelqu'un peut il maider a traiter un exercice ds le domaine des mines et carrière?
How to show that the tension of a light stretched string is same throughout the string?
If you pluck a string which is a deeper sound short string or a long string?
Long. That's why bass guitars have longer necks than guitars.
How can you exercice?
There are really MANY MANY MANY ways you can exercise, even breathing. You can walk, run, bike, sit-up, sit and reach, jumping jacks, jump, stretch etc. Sometimes you don't even realize you are exercising during the day!
What exercice should you do to keep body fit?
Swimming works the vast majority of the bodies muscles and is ideal for keeping toned.
You are a boy who likes to wear thongs but what type should you wear a g-string v-string t-string or a c-string?
Object mass40kg is suspended by light string from ceiling of lift of mass200kgThe string breaks if suffers a tension700NFind greatest tension the lift cable if string's intactAns equals4200N n 440N Y?
Korngold: String Quartets Doric String Quartet
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Britten: String Quartet No 2; Three Divertimenti; Miniature Suite; String Quartet in D major, CD review
Shostakovich: String Quartets Nos 1-4; Prokofiev: String Quartet No 2, Pacifica Quartet, review
Debussy: String Quartet. Ravel: Violin Sonata No 2; String Quartet, review
Vierne: String Quartet in D minor. Pierné: Piano Quintet in E minor, Piers Lane and the Goldner String Quartet, review
I have to write a function and it needs to return a string, where the string is actually a '2dimensional string'. I have a question.
SFML String::fromUtf8 "cannot seek string iterator past end
[r/Bass] Transition from 4-string to 5-string is harder than I expected... by /u/AgainstTheBurlyAir
[QUESTION] I'm trying to repair my broken Mala, where can I purchase a new tassel & "string" to string my mala beads on that is sturdy?
[QUESTION] About Switching From A Six String To A Seven String
Huge new crypto exchange billboard in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo. The busiest pedestrian crossing in the world!
[13-12] Même pour un exercice attentat, le #SAIP se plante en ne précisant pas qu'il s'agit... d'un exercice
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[22-01] Raven Feather String ArtBlack & White String Painting Bird $85
[01-10] Defense is being embarrassed by 2nd string QB and 3rd string center. Offense looks as bad as always. ??‍♂️ #Seahawks
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[12-11] The symbol of a train line can be really powerful. Crossing counties, crossing different landscapes, what a great i…
[30-08] @BBCHughPym and I Crossing the new Queensferry Crossing. Beautiful new bridge over the Forth. #QueensferryCrossing #DayOne #
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[04-10] Leith Walk - the temporary pedestrian crossing near Brunswick Street has failed. Please take extra care crossing th…
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[27-09] Proposal: {-# LANGUAGE EponymousDataConstructor #-} data Foo = Int String -- same as data Foo = Foo Int String #haskell
[16-11] A: So how's your Hack Day going?B: Turning one kind of string into another kind of string, mostly.#haskell
[13-11] Mon exercice de lucidité du #11Novembre, via l' @OSPFrejusToulon
Exercice 5 for string crossing

* coding worksheet: 1) Create a string called s2 with the value "Lucie" what it should look like: string s2 = "Lucie"; me, as mystic messenger trash: -ACCIDENTALLY WRITES LUCIEL- what i actually wrote: string s2 = "Luciel"; ... HELP
* Queensferry Crossing – the facts and figuresFollowing a construction period which began in 2011, The Queensferry Crossing opened to traffic for the first time earlier today. Here are some facts about the newest bridge over the Forth which is the biggest infrastructure project in Scotland in a generation. Queensferry Crossing from the south The Queensferry Crossing is the longest three tower cable-stayed bridge in the world spanning 1.7…View On WordPress
* concept: a piece of string, bonding us together. everytime something good happens, the bond strengthens, but when something bad happens, it weakens. we have the strongest string known to man.
When can we exercice an option?
Can we only exercice an option when it expire ? For exemple I have an Adobe option with a strike price of 87.50$ and expiring on 2016-01-15. Adobe stock have already raised above my strike price. ...
How do I translate “exercise” to French? Is “exercice” correct?
Exact question as above. When I say “exercise” it is “exercise” in the sense of physical activity for example, running, badminton, swimming, etc.
Exercice  for string crossing
Assume that the pulley is frictionless and the string is massless. If M1=5kg and M2=8kg , then what is the tension in the string?

acceleration a = g(m1-m2)/(m1+m2) = 10*(8-5)/(8+5) = 10*3/13 tension T = m1(g-a) = 8(10-30/13) = 8*100/13 = 800/13 of N
m1 a = T - m1 g m2 a = m2 g - T then a = (m2 - m1) g / (m1 + m2) = 3/13 g T = m1 (g + a) = m2 (g - a) T = 16/13 m1 g = 10/13 m2 g = 60.3 N
Bjr a tous quelqu'un peut il maider a traiter un exercice ds le domaine des mines et carrière?

How to show that the tension of a light stretched string is same throughout the string?

LightLY. Just think of it this way... how could it be possible in any part of the string, to have a different tension to the tension you give it? It MUST be the same, but I see no way to prove it.
"Level crossing with crossing-user-side automatic protection and/or warning" means a level crossing where the crossing protection and/or warning are activated by the approaching train. "Paso a nivel con protección o aviso automáticos del lado del usuario", paso a nivel en el que el tren que se aproxima activa la protección o el aviso en el paso.
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“My balls are getting stuck,” bailey Jay complains at one point, crossing and re-crossing her mile-long legs.
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