Mon disque dort

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Christians what is a Synod and where and when was the Synod of Dort? Also, can you briefly explain its theological importance?
What are the ratings and certificates for Le disque 413 - 1936?
Le disque 413 - 1936 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:15
What does dort mean in french?
What are the ratings and certificates for Dort in der Wachau - 1957?
Dort in der Wachau - 1957 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:16 (f) (original rating) West Germany:6 (f) (re-rating)
Qu'est-ce que c'est que ce disque sur mon tableau de bord ?
KONDA anketi: Her dört kişiden birinin çözüm umudu yeni parti
(Figaro) Les pépites oubliées de Meyerbeer | MORCEAU CHOISI - Dans ce disque, la soprano Diana Damrau rend un somptueux hommage à ce compositeur allemand mal-aimé. À (re)découvrir d'urgence.
Ö: Die grüne Selbstzerstörung -- Die Länder sollen das Rückgrat der Grünen bilden, dort toben aber interne Streitigkeiten. Verpassen sie darum den Sprung in die Landtage, wäre das ein finanzielles Fiasko für die Partei.
12-16 13:32 - '[quote] Wenn man unbedingt will, findet man halt immer einen Grund jemanden bleiben zu lassen. / [quote] / Da gebe ich dir recht, man denkt sich halt dort: "Hmm...eigentlich kann ich mir keine Kinder leisten, aber ich mache mal e...' by /u
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Mon disque dort
Song by Arnaud Fleurent-Didier
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* noun. 1. Dordrecht. Examples from the Web for Dort. A reconciliation afterwards led to the establishment of the English wool staple, at Dort.
* Mach mir doch ein wenig Platz                                    In deinen Händen,              dass ich meine Finger dort verflechten kann In deinem Kopf,  dass ich schöne Gedanken dort verankern kann                                                                  In deinem Mund,                          für ein paar Worte                     die ich dort niederlegen kann  In deinen Augen,                                  dass ich ein Plätzchen Meer für mich haben kann              Und in deinem Herz, dass ich mich dort                      zusammenrollen,                       ganz winzig klein werden, mich in Dir   verstecken kann
Why the need to say “von dort oben” instead of “dort oben”?
Von dort oben, wo ich herkomme, kannte ich solch Herzenswärme nicht. {instead of}: Dort oben, wo ich herkomme, kannte ich solch Herzenswärme nicht. In English, the inclusion of the preposition ...
Preposition in “von dort kommen”
From an interview in Die Zeit "Ich werde in den Niederlanden studieren, von dort kommen meine Eltern." Usually we would use "aus" (and not "von") in Ich komme aus den Niederlanden. NOT: ...
Mon disque dort
Christians what is a Synod and where and when was the Synod of Dort? Also, can you briefly explain its theological importance?

A Synod is a council or an assembly of church officials or churches; an ecclesiastical council; a council of a church, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application. The assembly of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands met at Dort (in full Dordrecht) in Belgium, from November 13, 1618, to May 9, 1619. The synod tried to settle disputes concerning Arminianism. 1619 –The Synod of Dort rejected the remonstrations of the Arminians against Calvin’s doctrines of Predestination. The doctrines affirmed were that predestination is not conditional on belief; that Christ did not die for all; the total depravity of man; the irresistible grace of God; and the impossibility of falling from grace. These canons of Dort, along with the Belgic Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism, remain the theological basis of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Synod of Dort issued the points of doctrine now known as TULIP; however, several theologians at the synod rejected limited atonement while accepting the other four points of Calvinism. Calvin himself may not have placed much value on the idea of a limited atonement. After all, the five points of what is called “Calvinism” came from a synod in the Netherlands almost 60 years after his death. P.S. for Annsan: The first recorded Synod took place in 664 when King Oswey of Northumbria called the Synod of Whitby to merge the Celtic branch (founded by St. Patrick in Ireland in 432) with the Saxon branch (founded by St Augustine in 597). This was long before the Reformation, sweetheart!
A synod is an ecclesiastical council attended by bishops and delegated clergy. It is of Protestant origins. The General Synod of the Church of England is its highest governing body. In Presbyterian circles, it is a court above local presbyteries, but subject to General Assembly. So a synod is part of church governance, basically. The Synod of Dort was held in that Dutch town, in what is known as The Low Countries / The Netherlands. It was held in 1618-1619, to sort out theological problems that arose with Jacob Arminius who produced the "Remonstrance" - disagreements with Reformed teaching. He and his followers said election to salvation rests on faith foreseen; that Christ died for all though only believers benefit; God's grace is not irresistible; and perseverance depends on one's own action, over and above God's help. The Synod came to a conclusion on those 5 points of Arminius, forming the 5 points of Calvinism (so-called), with its mnemonic TULIP. This was an important event in Reformed theology as it made a clear case for sticking to the basic doctrinal basis upon which the Protestant Reformation happened, nearly 100 years earlier. The views of Arminius were gradually tolerated later on, and officially recognized in 1795 but, being rationalistic in spirit, it was no surprise that it eventually drifted into querying Jesus' full deity. Links below for more on that.
This has nothing to do with Christianity. It is in no way part of our theology.
Today that 15... disque men Que hoy eso 15... disque hombres
Six cases of Disque Bleu Gauloises and four of the du Maurier in the red box. Seis cajas de Disque Bleu Gauloises y cuatro de Du Maurier, rojo.
Also, the media frequently publishes data from Disque 100. Además, los medios de comunicación publican frecuentemente datos de Disque 100.
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