III,2 - Son deste le mie luci

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What is the biblical Meaning of the name of Luci?
What happend to Patrick Nugent after he and Luci Johnson divorced?
According to the Milwaukee Sentinel, September 1, 1979, following the divorce, he resigned from involvement with Johnson family radio station KLBJ and continued publishing a "directory of state governments" and owning a service station in Texas.
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Greek Arts Foundation DESTE Celebrates Its Anniversary Greek industrialist Dakis Joannou celebrates the 33rd anniversary of DESTE Foundation with a new tome.
[03-02] Cas could've just tell Luci that Jack called him "father" to annoy Luci even more. #Supernatural
[24-01] I think I’d be aiight with Luci dedicating a day to me ? #Lucifer
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[03-02] I could watch this Cas/Luci scene all damn day. #Supernatural
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III,2 - Son deste le mie luci

* I just had a revelation. Remember how Lucifer used to be described as “the most beautiful angel”? What if God coveted him, but Luci denied him, then God was like “You’re a fag anyway. I hate fags”, and he locked Luci up in that fiery pit so Luci couldn’t go around telling people what happened, then God spread bad rumours about Luci, and made homosexuality seem like a bad thing?
* luci: sees anyone who’s heartfelt christian and good and pure and filled with good intentions and love luci: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
* Deckerstar x LT What if the next episode Peirce start to replace luci as new’s decker partner?? What if little by little steals the detective to the point her not need him anymore. I have the feeling this season Luci going to really show whose the devil. He is going to show is real dark side ?
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III  Son deste le mie luci
Guido Luci has had an accident. Guido Luci ha tenido un accidente de coche hace dos horas.
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