From Violence to Consumerism

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How does consumerism affect trade in the U.S.? What happens when consumerism drops, but, assuming, that GDP stays constant?
Christmas, consumerism?
Do most people understand that there is a difference between fake violence on TV shows and in games and real life violence?
What are some good resources for people who are in a relationship that is emotionally abusive but does not involve violence or threats of violence?
Try and get advice and support from woman's' aid, you will find others I'm the same position as yourself. These women have been there, so have I, there are trained counselors, women who will go to court with you if needed. Also women's aid have refuges if this mans behaviour gets worse. Solicitors, police will help. I strongly advise you to see a doctor in case you become depressed. You are NOT MAD or any horrible things he says. This man is a looser, a control freak. Sadly in time you will find this man will threaten violence, he may resort to it. Don't be embarrassed, you're not to blame thi
I however hate to use violence to relieve my nerves or angr how do you control emotions anger better without violence i hit a wall and i just grounded btw?
Is assault bodily injury family violence domestic violence or different?
If you assault a non-family member then domestic violence isn't part of the equation. Each state has different terminology on "assault" and I am sure that some lawyerly individual will add to this. <END>Added: Any offense involving a charge of domestic violence or domestic assault automatically "enhances" the assault charge. Conviction of any offense enhanced by a domestic violence charge will prevent you from ever owning or possessing a firearm. (Lautenberg Amendment).
Relationship between the violence of the Vietnam war and the growing climate of violence in the US during 1968?
They paralleled each other; the worse it got over there, the worse it got over here (US).
What type of evidence is used to show that the violence at Columbine High School might be related to mature video game violence?
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[03-10] Never understood the phrase “gun violence“. Guns aren’t violent. What about car violence?Knife violence? Bomb violence? #LasVagasShooting
[31-10] Political violence is never the answer.Violence only begets violence. #Stopthehate
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[01-10] "A pornographer and chauvinist who got rich on masturbation, consumerism and the exploitation of women."
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[15-01] #Feminism is consumerism, please #takemeout of this foolishness. I want to dedicate my Full Time for men's cause.
[10-11] *me, watching old Christmas adverts with tears running down my face* "Such blatant consumerism! I can't believe..."…
[24-11] So many positive alternatives to the consumerism frenzy of Black Friday #BrightFriday #Bibliotherapy…
[04-12] There are so many ways to show you care this Christmas - consumerism isn't one of them @GeorgeMonbiot #FridayFeeling #OneP
[04-12] @JohnJHarwood @mmwlawtaos1 @ChuckGrassley clearly doesn't understand our consumerism economy (whether it's a good t…
[04-02] 'Through #consumerism we have elected to build a #culture around the worst past of our nature' - #RussellBrand
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[03-12] “All industries right now have to review their impact on the planet” - @StellaMcCartney on modern consumerism #newsnight
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[24-11] @SWilliamBrown33 Definitely felt some #CharlieBrown vibes this morning: thinking that #Christmas is all consumerism…
From Violence to Consumerism
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* The answer to, “How do you stop gun violence”, or “truck violence”, or “plane violence” or “knife violence” is... You must control free will.
* ANOTHER CATEGORY OF VIOLENCE The thing about “senseless violence” is that it implies there’s some other kind. The sensible kind. Everybody talks about senseless violence … but what about the other kind of violence? How come no one talks about sensible violence? Reasonable, well thought-out violence. “He needed killing” is still accepted in some American courtrooms as a defense against a charge of murder. If he needed killing… View On WordPress
* Consumerism and the BJD Hobby p1 Recasts I thought I talk a little bit about how consumerism has had some negative affects on the hobby. All just my opinion by the way. I has been seeing more recast confessions lately of people having a bunch of fake FL’s and and other more expensive brand dolls. People bragging that they have 5 minifees all in crazy colors and I thought. Why do we actually need that many dolls? I understand there are things people make excuses for in recasts (ie: limited doll, different colors, bad company) but so many pro-artist people have destroyed these excuses so I won’t go over that for this post. I think consumerism has had a rather negative impact on the hobby especially in the form of recasts. People want more and more out of companies because we have this ingrained need to consume. So why would we rather have 5 recasts vs 1 legit? Because we place more value in the amount of dolls we have rather than the actual doll and our connection to it. We disregard a sculptors time and education as well as a companies time and business building because we see other doll owner with a large collection and envy them. Newbies see these famous bjd owners on Instagram with 10 different dolls and think woah I gotta catch up! Meanwhile the famous bjd owner has been collecting and saving for years. Our need to collect items without placing true value on them can cause us to keep things and buy things we don’t need. From old t-shirts, to photography you haven’t actually looked at for years upon years. Does sentimental value really count if you are not actively looking and appreciating those items to their fullest? I think with recasts you can never enjoy the bjd in full because you undervalue the artist who sculpted the bjd in the first place. Knowing you did good for another person who made the item you covet can truly provide you with the full value of the doll. Instead of buying 5 recasts dolls that only get maybe less than 1/5th of your love save up for 1 legit doll and support a hardworking individual. Consumerism can be positive if we give our money to the ones who provide the original product. Consumerism takes a nose-dive when you are paying the same amount but not creating an income for the sculptor.
What is consumerism and what does the Pope see wrong with it?
In the most recent encyclical Laudato si', Pope Francis condemns consumerism. What does he mean by the word consumerism? And what does he see wrong with it? To blame population growth instead of ...
Materialism/consumerism in philosophy
I was just wondering whether anybody knows of a philosopher(s) who have frequently commented and have philosophical ideas on materialism/consumerism.
From Violence to Consumerism
How does consumerism affect trade in the U.S.? What happens when consumerism drops, but, assuming, that GDP stays constant?

Christmas, consumerism?

Do most people understand that there is a difference between fake violence on TV shows and in games and real life violence?

Yes, most people do.
Yes. But every once in awhile some poor unfortunate thinks they can fly and jumps out the window because of a superhero show, or kills somebody because of some shoot-'em-up flick. This is NOT evidence that we need to censor or restrict "Supergirl" or "John Wick" -- but it's INARGUABLE evidence that someone wasn't properly educating or watching a child or a mentally-disabled adult. We have two posters right here on Yahoo GS who suffer from virulent infections of what I call "Matrix syndrome," where media depictions become more important to them than what's being depicted. One thinks every off-hand comment about a Youtube video is a totally complete and accurate social indicator ("Why have all men always believed thus-and-such throughout all of history?") and the other believes we are so completely controlled and influenced by everything we see that what we see needs to be heavily edited/restricted/censored to make us think "right." I would argue that both of them fall into the "mentally-disabled adult" category mentioned above.
It is one of the many results of omnipresent consumerism. Se trata de uno de los muchos resultados de un consumismo omnipresente.
the spread of consumerism.
We are seeing the steady creep of consumerism.
These - this artificially induced consumerism - I think it's atrocious. Estos - este consumismo artificialmente inducido - pienso que es atroz.
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