Firefighters' Folklore

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Would you want firefighters who saved on the same conditions God saves?
What is the difference between conduction and radiation and which one would be more important to firefighters?
What percent of volunteer fire departments these days have career firefighters there 24/7?
What is the difference between firefighters and paramedic firefighters?
Paramedic firefighter known as fire medics are firefighters with an emergency medical technician-paramedic license.
What is the Folklore for New Zealand?
What is musical folklore?
Why do people believe in folklore?
How is folklore spread?
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Wallace surpasses family folklore
Brave Canvey can now pass into cup folklore
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Firefighters struggle with blaze on stricken oil tanker
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Preserve folklore: MLC
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Firefighters' Folklore
Book by Ellyn Sanna
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* there are two main avenues of interpreting the headcanon that lowbloods form groups that share an “ancestor” (it wouldn’t be called that, obviously, because lowbloods just explicitly don’t believe in those) those being a) it’s one of the symptoms of lowbloods spawning in huge numbers and being more community-oriented while highbloods are rare and individualistic and b) that it’s a result of historical omission of lowblood folklore and history; the process of systematically killing and stunting lowbloods before they can achieve greatness and then reducing those who do to mere footnotes resulting in a ludicrously disproportionate, nay, nigh-inversely proportionate ratio of highblood folklore heroes to lowblood folklore heroes
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    What's a good title for firefighters?
    When addressing police or jail staff, a lot of times you address them as "[Rank] [Last Name]", such as "Sgt. Smith" or "Lt. Reynolds". If you don't know their rank though, you can resort to "Officer [Last Name]". (Again, I'm just referring to police and jail guards there, not military.) What's the equivalent for firefighters? They have military-style ranks, but what if you don't know a firefighter's rank? I tagged this as "vocabulary", but feel free to re-tag it.
    Do firefighters avoid eating pork?
    In God is not Great Christopher Hitchens makes a claim that firefighters do not like eating pork because human flesh smells/tastes like pork. Seeing as this has the look and feel of an urban legend (...
    Firefighters Folklore
    Would you want firefighters who saved on the same conditions God saves?

    Fire-fighters acting like the mythical god would be pushing naughty people into burning buildings.
    I'm glad you dared to mention this God sends out thousands and thousands of Christian firefighters each and every day to bug people repeatedly to repent of their sin and other words stop fighting and Let Jesus Christ help you when a firefighter goes into a burning building if a person is flailing and fighting and refusing to be saved a firefighter will have to knock that person out or administer a tranquilizer to get that person out of the building that's the same thing with a drowning person you may go to try to save a drowning person but many times it is necessary to knock the drowning person out and grab his hair and drag him in otherwise he will pull you down with them now is that what you were looking for
    What is the difference between conduction and radiation and which one would be more important to firefighters?

    What percent of volunteer fire departments these days have career firefighters there 24/7?

    In my area, all fire departments are "call companies", staffed entirely by volunteers, other than places having a tax base that can afford a part-time chief. In a call company, everyone available may volunteer to go on a call, but they are paid (min wage) while working on that call. When I was a FF in a city in California, we volunteers were not paid a dime, but each station in the city had at least one full-time company assigned at all times. We did, however, receive valuable training, experience and connections, in addition to the satisfaction of helping others in need, and the occasional smile and handshake from a grateful citizen. For perspective, there was a building fire last week at 2AM and they rang out fire companies from 8 different towns to get enough people, equipment and water on scene. There were only 4 full-time firefighters, and they were called in from being off duty. If you search online, you may find several websites that collect and collate information about distribution of full-time (career), call, and volunteer fire companies. Last I looked, about 90 percent of stations in the USA were staffed at least partially with volunteers or call companies.
    Voluntter FDs are staffed by volunteers.
    Not the volunteer ones...they have volunteers.
    Traditional musical instruments are taught along with Bulgarian folklore singing, Serbian folklore singing, Bulgarian language, etc. Además, a los participantes se ofrecen clases de instrumentos musicales tradicionales, canto tradicional búlgaro, canto tradicional serbio, lengua búlgara, etc.
    Always the folklore, with this Antillais... Siempre el folklore, con este Antillais...
    A professor in folklore phoned me. Un profesor de folclore me llamó por teléfono.
    He's interested in primitive folklore. El profesor está interesado en el folklore primitivo.