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Why do some Celtic fans stay quiet when Celtic are doing well but start crying the minute something goes wrong?
Celtic fans, are you`s looking forward to Celtic`s trip North to Inverness C.T next Saturday?
Celtic fans.. Do you think Scotland's answer to Lionel Messi should stay st Celtic?
How much is a 1967 inter milan v Celtic European cup final programme signed buy the Celtic team?
How many Glasgow Celtic players have won champions league after leaving Celtic?
Are Celtic using dirty tactics by saying refs decisions are going against Celtic and for rangers to gain an unfair advantage ahead of Sundays old firm game?
They are just moaning, they just need to get on with the game.
Cooking vegetables water soluble vitamins will be retained by what cooking method?
Steaming the vegetables rather than boiling.
To slow down the cooking time on a 12 lb turkey What temperature could you use you remember someone using a brown paper bag and cooking one all night?
Cooking in a brown paper bag will actually shorten the cook time rather than extend it, although only very slightly. The paper bag will trap some, but not all, moisture during cooking and make steam, which cooks faster than dry heat. It is also said to trap in flavor that may have escaped during evaporation. A closed roasting pan or dutch oven will do the trick better than the paper bag as it allows no steam to escape. One thing to keep in mind when using this method of cooking is that steam prevents the skin from caramelizing, so do not use this method if you are lo
We test out cooking in seven sultry high street robes…. just like Nigella Lawson on her latest cooking show
NIGELLA Lawson shows us how to cook to perfection in a, err, dressing gown. On new BBC2 show At My Table last week the domestic goddess, 57, slipped on a silky robe for some late-night baking. But is rustling up grub in your nightwear a good idea or do you risk making a fool of […]
The caravan of folklore
Red-hot rookie blazes into F1 folklore
Wallace surpasses family folklore
Brave Canvey can now pass into cup folklore
Found in Wales, folklore's harbinger of death
New back line can join fab four in Highbury folklore
NBA hall of famer and longtime Celtic dies
Rumour Mill: Celtic titles ‘devalued without Rangers’ | Fans want Celtic midfielder dropped | Pena sweats over ban
Former Celtic star claims titles won in absence of Rangers are devalued; Hoops fans call on Rodgers to drop midfielder and Carlos Pena sweats over possible SFA action
Celtic vs Hibernian: TV channel, live stream, team news and kick-off time for Scottish Premiership clash at Celtic Park
NEIL LENNON is returning to Celtic Park for the first time since 2014 as his Hibs side face Brendan Rodgers table-toppers on Saturday. The Hibernian boss is likely to get a rousing reception despite leaving for an ill-fated spell Bolton just over three years ago. Celtic top the Scottish Premiership and begin the game seven […]
Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon strikes up romance with ex-Celtic TV host Summer Harl as he reveals he’s split from his wife of eight years
CELTIC goalie Craig Gordon last night revealed he has split from his wife as it emerged he is dating the club’s ex-TV host. The dad-of-two was spotted strolling with an arm around new flame Summer Harl, 28. And the Scotland ace vowed to put his kids first as he confirmed his eight-year marriage to Jennifer, […]
Anderlecht 0 - 3 Celtic: How the Celtic players rated
Ratings out of ten for each and every Celtic player after an unforgettable win in Brussels.
Chefs of reddit, what are some easy simple cooking tips that really make a difference while cooking?
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[18-09] Hey, @WWEBrayWyatt, @FinnBalor will come out as a banshee, a mythical creature of #Celtic folklore, at #NoMercy. Ar…
[02-12] A landmark moment in this run as we reach a hugely significant number in Hoops folklore.#Celtic are now 67 domest…
[12-01] @storystorypod @Risecharity the white stag of celtic #mythology & #folklore also stars in'The Story of Optim and E…
[18-09] • Celtic fairies, fables and folklore! Novels and travel guides. Ireland #RRBC fantasy histfic #bookboost ebooks .
[02-12] Estudiar, y folklore @00_florencia una tarde muy diferente #Folklore #folklorethursday #folkloreArgentino
[09-12] #FolkloreThursday #Folklore I love @terriwindling ‘s site for all my folklore.
[30-10] 'Black Dog Folklore' by Mark Norman. A comprehensive study of the image of the Black Dog in folklore. #Devon #exeter #
[02-08] Celtic TV refusing to sell rights will not affect our Celtic streams. We'll still have a link to today's game. #Celtic #CelticFC
[16-07] Celtic V Partick Thistle tonight @ Celtic Park Podgie joins us from 5pm right up until kick off. #Glasgow #Celtic
[27-11] Betfred Cup Final,the Celtic team arrive back at Celtic Park.#CelticFC #celtic
[30-08] any celtic season ticket holders not getting tickets for celtic vs bayern #celtic #celticfc
[09-01] Cooking pro tip: Don't use the game clock to set the cooking time for your dinner. #cooking #NationalChampionship #burnt
[16-10] Cooking Show Hosts Need To Remove Jewelry When They Are Cooking! it's not hygienic to wear jewelry during cooking. #24kitchen #masterchef
[12-11] Bayern Munich travel to Celtic Park to take on Celtic, can the Scottish champions cause an upset?#UCL #Celtic #Bayern
[04-08] Celtic fans follow this lad @bradleyparrish wants more bhoys on his page #celticfc #celtic #celticfans
[01-08] Celtic fans are just embarrassing these days, c'mon read a book #bhoys #celticfc #celtic
[20-12] Celtic top four club in Prem apparently! They would struggle in league 1 ?? #Celtic #hearts #SPFL
[19-07] Celtic 4-0 Linfield - Celtic confirm their progress to the Champions League third qualifyin...
[18-11] Ross County v Celtic. Is this the day the run ends? #staggies #celtic #dingwall @ Victoria Park,…
[26-11] FT Motherwell 0 Celtic 2. Celtic win the Scottish League Cup for the 17th time #leaguecupfinal #LeagueCup
Celtic folklore cooking
Book by Joanne Asala
* British Goblins, all about Welsh Folklore, is the book we are currently reading on the Celtic Tomes podcast. Celtic Tomes is...
* Uonaidh, also called Una, was, according to folklore, the last ruling queen of the Sidhe in the Celtic lands. She was believed...
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  • [12-01] @storystorypod @Risecharity the white stag of celtic #mythology & #folklore also stars in'The Story of Optim and E…
  • [09-01] Cooking pro tip: Don't use the game clock to set the cooking time for your dinner. #cooking #NationalChampionship #burnt
    Usage of the word “ folklore”
    can I use " An American folklore" to describe "Rip Van Winkle", and should I reconstruct the first sentence of the essay to begin with the name of the novel? any other editorial tips would be ...
    Difference between “lore” and “folklore”
    What is the difference between lore and folklore? What are the best examples where to use one and not the other?
    Celtic folklore cooking
    Why do some Celtic fans stay quiet when Celtic are doing well but start crying the minute something goes wrong?
    Im talking about some Celtic supporting users on this site. I cant be bothered naming names because I know some of them are a bit fragile and take things personally. Which probably explains why they get so upset at the slightest thing that doesn't quite go the way they think it should at Celtic. A 2-2 draw...
    Not me Dan...
    Last two hours I've been watching a double DVD of Celtic's greatest ever goals. (yep, that's how I spent my Saturday night). I liked it better when we were an aggressive, attacking team who tried to win every game. If I have paid good money to go and see a poor performance when Celtic have a big game coming up and I was disappointed with the result, I think I'd be entitled to share that with like minds. Believe me, walking out of the stadium today I wasn't surrounded by people congratulating the team but I'm sure that 99% of the moaners will be back for the next one to back the team again.
    im afraid its bad old chas.i blame lennon spinning mair drivel than usual.i blame the board for no having the baws to spend money.i blame lennon for picking the wrong team in khazakhstan.he played 2 centre backs with 10 minutes of play between them...i will say my piece cos i dont gie fcuk what anyone else says. he picks james forrest when he is playing feckin awful..he plays sammy and he looks like he disnae gie a toss thanks dan...i feel better noo
    They are glory hunters that only support Celtic because they are one of the top teams, stop glory hunting Celtic and support your local team, that goes for you as well
    sorry mr celtic forgot its only you entitled to an opinion of CFC ,weakened team or not should still be able to beat ICT ,you were the first on here after the Elsborg questioning the team signings etc ,squad capabilities ,but the moment anyone goes agianst Dans opinion were /their some sort of bad supporter ,everybodies entitled to an opinion ,and most folk on here dont seem to mind differences of opinion apart from you
    Aw crikey.... Dan's in rant mode the night ! Must be having a few :-)
    Celtic fans, are you`s looking forward to Celtic`s trip North to Inverness C.T next Saturday?
    A whole new fresh team this season , with a different approach, you`s might have a never know,
    I bought my wife a Hoops kit whilst I wear ma Jags kit, just so I can hump her.
    am lookin forward to next week cos i have a ticket for the game. un fortunately,not the celtic end but i will still see it and there will b a lot o celts in the same area as me.thank goodness the season is under way.c mon the hoops!!
    NOT LOOKING forward to the season.New signings DO NOT give me much hope,well maybe Juarez.Neil Lennon SHOULD NOT have been given manager's job.In the past his thuggish and yobbish behaviour has brought disgrace to himself and Celtic.Ihope the Board see the error of their ways and replace him sooner rather than later.No wonder the Rangers supporters are rubbing their hands in glee!
    at 1215 aye great !
    Are you looking forward to being the biggest grass on Yahoo this season ,Vio champ what a coward ,why block ,If you dont like the answers why be such a P%ick
    super Caley go ballistic Celtic are atrocious oh lookie below frankie is huvin a bi tch fit lolol
    Celtic fans.. Do you think Scotland's answer to Lionel Messi should stay st Celtic?
    Ronny Delia has urged James Forrest to remain at Celtic after comparing him to Barcelona great Lionel Messi.
    oh dear god. whats griffiths then? scotlands suarez or something? and gordon is he the scottish buffon? lol
    Oi tink james should remain at Celtic. Sure it would be a great boost to Rangers, begorra for sure for sure.
    Haven't laughed as much since we sold Baggio (Steve Fulton)
    havent laughed so much since the warbler said Foderingham was the new neuer and would be a future england international
    forrest should go to a bigger club. celtic are too small for him
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