Mexican-American Folklore

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What was Mexico's justification for the Mexican-American War?
What's so rich about the Mexican or Latin American culture?
What is my hair type? I’m Male and Mexican-American?
Which Mexican artist is well known for using folklore and heritage in his artwork?
Are the children of a White American man and a Mexican American wife considered American or Mexican?
Usually they are considered white.
I've been nicknamed the Mexican I've been the butt of racial jokes I've been called a Mexican backhoe for 6 years I'm Caucasian my wife and children are Mexican American do I have to put up with this?
No, you shouldn't have to put up with this. You loved her and had kids with her, and you shouldn't have to put up with abuse. This is a lot of what Mexican-American men have to put up with, so maybe it will help you see their plight. Not everyone will be sympathetic to you. They may accuse you of betraying your people or say you knew this would happen before you chose to start a family. But regardless of that, try to stay strong, and try to share your burden with others.
If an American marries a Mexican what are the requirements for the Mexican to receive American citizenship?
The Mexican must apply for Resident Status and after 3 years of being a Resident Alien they can apply for Citizenship.
Are the children of a Mexican women and his American husband considered American or Mexican?
It depends on where the child was born. If the child was born in Mexico, then the child is Mexican. If it was born on America, then it is American. But technically its both. American and Mexican. Its part of their heritage. Just like people are Irish, German, Polish; they dont have to be born there for that to be part of their heritage.
Bizarre images recreate the freakish monsters from Mexican folklore that haunt kids after making themselves part of the family
THESE bizarre and macabre images recreate the monsters that inhabit Mexican family folklore. The spectacular shots show larger-than-life spirits dressed in flamboyant dresses and masks as they watch television, enjoy a birthday party and sit in a workshop. One image shows a monster dressed as a child celebrating confirmation, and another sits on a bed underneath a crucifix. Yet […]
Who is Marcela Valladolid? American chef and host of American Baking Competition and Mexican Made Easy SHE’S made a name for herself as a TV chef on the Food Network and for hosting America’s “Bake Off” with Paul Hollywood. Rumours of Marcela Valladolid’s affair with the English, married host went wild, but what do we know about the Mexican kitchen pro? Who is Marcela Valladolid? Marcela is an American chef and […]
Who is Marcela Valladolid? American chef and host of Mexican Made Easy and American Baking Competition SHE made a name for herself as a TV chef on the Food Network and for hosting America’s “Bake Off” with our very own Paul Hollywood. Rumours of an affair between Marcela Valladolid and the English, married GBBO host went wild, but what do we know about the Mexican kitchen pro? Who is Marcela Valladolid? […]
Two Mexican women wed in Latin American first
Influx of Mexican migrants crippling American culture, says Pat Buchanan
Hacking Hockney: the Mexican American painter bringing Latino culture into art Ramiro Gomez’s work has playfully riffed on Californian classics to bring awareness to the lack of representation for the Chicano community in artIn the 1960s, a young David Hockney, infatuated with the sun and sensuality of the west coast, introduced the world of high art to the markers of Los Angeles domestic bliss. He was dazzled by an array of immaculate modernist houses with backyard swimming pools and lawns equipped with sprinklers, a total novelty to an artist who had grown up with English rain. His paintings crystallized a quintessential image of Los Angeles in popular culture, despi
US election 2012: Julián Castro, the Mexican-American thrust into Democrat limelight
What's the most interesting local folklore story/legend that you ever heard?
Creepiest Urban Legend in Every State: Scary American Folklore
American sweet corn, Mexican flavour
Racism Was Behind Mexican-American Studies Ban, Says Judge
Bringing an American Touch to Mexican Schools
Reforming a corrupt and failing education system is a priority for Mexico’s president
Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin now 10 years old
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — When the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center opened its doors a decade ago, it realized a longtime community dream that some thought would never happen. The Austin American-Statesman reports now with increased visitor traffic and minimal space for additional cultural programming, the center — which recently turned 10 — […]
Hisense Targets American TV Market With Mexican Factory
Hisense Targets American TV Market With Mexican Factory Hisense is the latest Chinese manufacturer to invest in overseas production to fuel global expansion.
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Mexican-American Folklore
Book by John West
* Still brown. Many hurdles to go but we’re getting there. Every day we get a little closer. #brownkid #mexicanamerican #dreams...
* there are two main avenues of interpreting the headcanon that lowbloods form groups that share an “ancestor” (it wouldn’t be called that, obviously, because lowbloods just explicitly don’t believe in those) those being a) it’s one of the symptoms of lowbloods spawning in huge numbers and being more community-oriented while highbloods are rare and individualistic and b) that it’s a result of historical omission of lowblood folklore and history; the process of systematically killing and stunting lowbloods before they can achieve greatness and then reducing those who do to mere footnotes resulting in a ludicrously disproportionate, nay, nigh-inversely proportionate ratio of highblood folklore heroes to lowblood folklore heroes
* What is Gaelic Folklore? Image of a waulking taken from Wikimedia Commons. Dearest Reader, Now that I am at home with more time on my hands, I thought it time to put some blog posts together on ideas and cool things that I’ve been learning about. It’ll be a good way for me to review much of what I’ve been learning while sharing some interesting things. First on the list: Gaelic folklore! This is on my mind a lot since I… View On WordPress
  • [19-01] New on the blog! How the #IU #Folklore Institute came to be:
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    What are the differences between an American and Mexican Fender Stratocaster?
    Many Mexican Fenders have the same or similar price as the American-made versions. Some of the parts are also the same. Generally what's the difference?
    Do dual American and Mexican citizens need passports to travel between the US and Mexico?
    I have 2 children that were born in Mexico. They have a birth certificate abroad. So this is dual citizenship. Do they need passports?My kids were born in Durango, Mexico. I am American. Their father is Mexican. They were both given birth certificates abroad. They are now 16 and 14. They want to go visit grandparents and aunts and uncles in Mexico. Will they need to get a passport to enter Mexico? Will they need it to fly?
    MexicanAmerican Folklore
    What was Mexico's justification for the Mexican-American War?

    Mexico believed that the annexation of Texas to the United States was a violation of the 1828 boarder treaty.
    They inherited the land Spain conquered and they should keep it, even though they had no real interest in it for the last 300 years.
    America/Anglos invaded Texas, Mexico never started the war.
    Acquisition of land.
    Before American western expansion, Mexico owned the southwestern territories, including Texas. When they were pushed out by the colonizing Americans, they wanted to recapture the territories they lost.
    What's so rich about the Mexican or Latin American culture?

    I agree, mestizaje/Spanish culture and Catholicism ruined the cultures of what is now Latin America. Imo, the Indigenous cultures of Latin America is so much more interesting than the Mestizo or Spanish ones. I mean if you love western and Latin culture, you could always visit Europe. One could imagine a rich modern day Mesoamerican or Andean nation with all its unique traditions & civilization intact, sorta like China or Japan, and no Spanish (Hispanic) influences. The people would look so cool wearing their feathers and dancing/praying to their gods. They were also master engineers, so their modern architecture & cities would've probably been breathtaking. Damn, Europeans really fvked the Americas up by invading and destroying the original civilizations that independently developed from the "Old world" ones (not to mention they tried to replace the original peoples with their own kinds and African slaves).
    True a lot of us are proud of our indigenous heritage as well though. Mexicos becoming more indigenous racially too the newer generations.
    Not much, a lot of crime and gangs there, and even a lot of Latino migrants to the US join gangs too. Their music and food are nice though.
    I am of Mexican descent and I agree 100% with you. Mexico, like, most of Latin-American is violent and chaotic. The governments through Latin-American are corrupt, the crime rate is out of control, the modern day culture revolves around violence, gangs,crime poverty and Political corruption.
    The beauty of Latin America is that it is a mescla/ mistura of all the cultures (particularly Indigenous, European and African but also Middle Eastern/West Asian and East Asian).
    What is my hair type? I’m Male and Mexican-American?

    FROM MEXICO TO SOUTH AMERICA: Mexican "ranchera", Peruvian "valse", folklore of diverse countries. DE MÉXICO A AMÉRICA DEL SUR: Ranchera mexicana, valse peruano, folklore de varios países.
    Mexican-American leaders expressed discontent with the administration.
    More and more, people believed Mexican American youths were predisposed to criminality. Cada vez más, la gente creía que los jóvenes mexicanos-americanos estaban predispuestos a la delincuencia.
    Nor did Eric Ellman, my wise and imperturbable guide to the Mexican-American border river.
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