Christoph Ernsten

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How old is Christoph Sanders?
Christoph Sanders is 29 years old. He was born on April 21, 1988.
How old is Christoph Ludwig Agricola?
Christoph Ludwig Agricola was born on November 5, 1667 and died on August 8, 1719. Christoph Ludwig Agricola would have been 51 years old at the time of death or 347 years old today.
When was Christoph Haese born?
Christoph Haese was born on October 1, 1987, in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany.
For what club does Christoph Kramer play?
As of June 2014, Christoph Kramer plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach, a club in Germany.
Why did beethoven seem crazy to christoph specifically what did he do?
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Christoph Ernsten

* it always made me deeply uncomfortable seeing pictures of christoph n harvey weinstein together.. so there u goI’ve always hated that f**** pign unfortunately christoph, just like other actors/directors/etc ( if not all  hollywood) r together in this mess, directly or indirectly..
* L’UDC zurichois Christoph Blocher se dit soulagé d’avoir annoncé sa démission du Conseil national. “L'activité parlementaire m'a toujours ennuyé, j'en ai souvent souffert”, a déclaré vendredi Christoph Blocher après l'annonce de son départ du Conseil national fin mai. “J'ai donc essayé de faire des choses plus importantes, lorsque ma présence n'était pas nécessaire”, a-t-il précisé. […] The post Christoph Blocher: « l’activité parlementaire m’a toujours ennuyé » appeared first on
* Ich bin glücklich und traurig zu gleich. Ich froh darüber keine ernsten oder schlimmen Probleme zu haben. Trotzdem machen mich...
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    How to translate “ernsten Oper” in Nietzsche
    — Sehr verschieden steht es mit der ernsten Oper: 'Serious opera' or 'dramatic opera'? Or opera seria? Or 'tragic opera'? He mentions Rossini, whose operas date from the early 19th century. Here ...
    Christoph Ernsten
    I'm sure Christoph is behind that. Seguro que Cristoph está tras de eso.
    Let us thank God, Christoph, that we are both normal. Demos gracias a Dios, Christoph, que somos normales.
    I know the name. Christoph von Kubinyi. El nombre es Kristóf von Kubinyi.
    Christoph was an actor when I met him. Christoph era actor cuando le conocí.