A song crooned for the uncared for
When Asha crooned to nagaswaram, thavil
When industrialists crooned at business summit
When Asha crooned to the sounds of nagaswaram, thavil
When industrialists crooned at Mamata’s business summit
[19-09] ★ #London tunes into Sallu & gang! 50,000 fans whistled & screamed as #SalmanKhan crooned...
[14-12] "Mauya mauya Comrade...zvamauya hamuchadzokera" so we crooned in 1980 not knowing kuti tiri kuzviparira!…
Song by Bill Laswell, Eraldo Bernocchi, and Toshinori Kondo
* #She #gently #crooned a #lullaby.
* yes, yes. He crooned. Under a post apocalyptic candy cane society, god will return. Jesus will again cleanse our sins. God hail...
* Tristan und Isolde Isolde was pissed off at Tristan.She scowled and yowled and hissed, and            she brewed up a potion            to punish devotionthat lasted much longer than Dristan™. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg How Wagner admired Herr Mozart.He longed for the grace of Wolf’s beaux arts.            But his opera comique            goes on nearly a week,excruciating deutsche Volksart. Der Ring Rhein maidens he sought to deflower,pursued them through current and shower.            Denied maidenhead            Alb’rich took gold instead:“Forget love— I’ll go after power.”  Sieglinde fell hard for Siegmund.Empowered by passion she crooned,            Brother, “du bist der Lenz!”            Let us be more than friendsas soon as my husband’s harpooned.  Brunnhilde, the pick of the litterdefied father Wotan, who hid her            behind magic fire            (old trope for desire),got freed by her nephew, who did her. It turns out the gods are bad debtors,indifferent to honor’s fetters.            The Rheingold is poison            and lures the big boys inand nobody’s anyone’s betters. –Karen Greenbaum-Maya
I never crooned in my life. Nunca he canturreado en mi vida.
l never crooned in my life. No he canturreado en mi vida.
And I wished that I had died and far into the night he crooned that tune. Y hubiera deseado haber muerto y hasta bien entrada la noche él cantó esa canción.
Who wouldn't, with that sweet Irish lullaby you crooned? y quien no, con esa dulce nana que cantabas?