Little Critter's the best present

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Which exotic critter is best for me?
What animals (besides rats) can I house in a Midwest critter nation cage?
For Atheists, if you really believe the past present and future are a single moment in time, why try to preserve the present?
Who invented Critter Cam?
Where a critter lives in seven letters?
How long does a egg take to hatch in critter forge?
Name a critter whose bite could send someone to the hospital?
When was Woodland Critter Christmas created?
Woodland Critter Christmas was created on 2004-12-15.
Has anyone lost a skunk? Mystery over runaway critter spotted near Mirfield The public have been warned not to approach the creature as it may not be neutered
I’m a Celebrity: Vanessa White in 'meltdown' thanks to teeny tiny critter
Tiny critter looks like it’s on ant-abolic steroids as it lifts a bee five times its size Can you bee-lieve it? This super strong ant can lift insects five times its size without even breaking a sweat. The tiny ant was pictured hauling a huge bee back to its nest and made the unbelievable feat look easy. Photographer, Eko Adiyanto, captured these remarkable images and watched in amazement as the ant eventually […]
I’m a Celebrity: Vanessa White's TERRIFIED of teeny tiny critter - 'I have a meltdown
Jurgen Klopp: 'When you come to a new house you want a present. I’m not quite satisfied with my present'
Internet users left baffled by bizarre feathered critter found in Brazil A STRANGE feathery beast which has been found in Brazil has completely confused the internet. A video posted online shows the bizarre invertebrate trotting along a wall as a group of baffled people on in wonder. Then, one of the curious spectators decides to touch the odd creature. And it responds by wagging its small […]
Growth of Thelema in the present?
Critter Counteroffensive
Critter Counteroffensive: Keeping Animals Out The tactics to take back the great room from stubborn, furry visitors. How to deal with bats, skunks and more.
CRITTER CHAT The sailfish
New Marine Critter Guide For Raja Ampat, Indonesia...
Your new favorite 'Star Wars' critter is less than $30 today on Amazon
Porg —the latest critter to join the Star Wars universe—to add to your premiere party. Why not pick one up now for less than $30? SEE ALSO: Porg waddles around on its own and makes chittering sound like the ones you'll probably hear in the movie. It even waves and flaps about like a penguin, which I guess is what it is. A space penguin? Normally $40, you can save $12.80 on an Read more... More about Hasbro , The Last Jedi , and
This humane critter catcher is the easiest way to get rid of bugs. Will you KILL them?
My friend's elderly father is trying to find a way to keep and train this little critter.
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Little Critter's the best present
Book by Mercer Mayer
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  • [08-01] Arrive at work with present 🎁 is better much better if the present is from Aragón #christmas #presents #redvine…
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    How do I get rid of a critter in my attic?
    The last two nights I have been woken up to scratching in my bedroom ceiling. It only seems to happen between 2 and 4am. But it drives me nuts and I can't sleep. Are squirrels nesting in my attic? ...
    Critter dug gravel out from under my barn's cement slab
    I live in the country and have a pole barn with a cement floor. A critter of some sort has dug a burrow in the dirt under the outside of the barn and pulled out a couple of wheel barrows full of the ...
    Little Critters the best present
    Which exotic critter is best for me?

    What animals (besides rats) can I house in a Midwest critter nation cage?

    I have birds in my DCN. It can be used as two separate bird cages or as one -- depending on the birds. It would work fine for society finches or even diamond doves (in photo).
    They come in 3 sizes, the large could handle a pair of guinea pigs. Other rodents, mice, gerbils, chinchillas. Birds a great suggestion. One of my cages was the large upper stack, $10 at a thrift store, that was home to all my rodents until I built my own tank sort. Equal to about 600 gallon, covered an unfinished door panel. Everything but my piggies that had a whole corner of the room penned for their home, room for me included.
    Ferrets and Chinchillas are good. I wouldn't recommend anything like Guinea Pigs or Rabbits though, because they're not animals that are used to using multiple levels, and I've heard a lot of cases where they fall and break their legs. They're definitely more of a "Flat Ground" kind of animal. Same goes for hamsters or gerbils. And the distance from which they can fall might even make it dangerous for mice or gerbils as well. (Even though, if done properly and safely, might be able to hold ten mice quite comfortably.) You must also take into consideration bar spacing for smaller animals, as anything larger than 1/2" can mean they can squeeze though and escape, but assuming what you have is actually a critter nation and not a ferret nation, you should be fine.
    For Atheists, if you really believe the past present and future are a single moment in time, why try to preserve the present?

    incoherent much?
    Are you a new incarnation of Toilet Baby?
    I don't. Where are you getting that nonsense from
    A-theist, considering that the present is a mere moment in time and then it is the past no one could preserve the present.
    For Atheists ( persons WITHOUT a god IDEA ) "IF" ( on the condition that ) you Believe the past,present and future are a SINGLE moment in time , WHY ( provide reasons to ) try to PRESERVE the present ? .. .. I fail to see an "ASSOCIATION " the label "ATHEIST" addresses a SINGLE proposition , theist claims of god(s) ... a proposition being a statement assertion or IDEA presented to a person or a group to CONSIDER, adopt to do .... TIME the SYSTEM of sequential relation that ANY EVENT has to ANY OTHER event ,as past,present. OR future .. . as presented the implication is to ASSERT that an ATHEIST BELIEF is past present and future are a SINGLE moment IN time .... there is not an ATHEIST DOCTRINE . of BELIEFS .. A = WITHOUT + THEO = god Idea ..... , but a response to theist assertions ...MOMENT from Latin " Momentum " the quality of motion of a MOVING body measured as a PRODUCT of its mass and velocity .... .. PRESERVE to maintain ( something ) in its original or existing state.. .. Try this the word EVOLUTION means CHANGE over TIME... .. its OBSERVABLE and MEASURABLE ... . the reason cosmetic surgery is a profitable business .. or anti wrinkle creams are popular but not my thing at 65 .. each day there is a "NEW" observation of change, as did change occurred everyday previously ... its termed a COMPARISON ..when i die my corpse will NOT be EMBALMED to try and "PRESERVE " it ... It will be CREMATED nor do I have a Concept of a "SOUL" .... I am a NONRELIGIOUS Atheist
    Who said that atheists believe that past, present and future are a single moment??
    So you have started your question by assuming as well as stating what every single atheist on this earth believes. No one is in your little box FREAK! You have no power, time to put on some big boy pants and stop being an assuming little troll who cant fathom that every single person and indeed atheist is an individual whom you cannot dictate anything to without looking like the fool you are.
    That's just nuts... Nobody believes that nonsense, least of all people with a legitimate scientific education.
    You are OUT there! Click. I’m following you now. Say that, In the future humans have constructed a stable wormhole to travel to other worlds almost instantaneously. And, that we are able to access the fifth dimension with a device inside the event horizon of a black hole. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen Interstellar. Then, it could be possible for our future brothers to see us in the past , and to show us our past, present and future. Amazing. ...very it reads like science fiction. But in a thousand years? Who knows...a micro wormhole might allow viewing a past event in Jerusalem in 30 ce. Why preserve the present? Doesn’t the present instantly become the past? So, doesn’t the past preserve each occurring frame of reference? Yes. So, I’m motivated for my distant ancestors to discover a fifth dimension, or build a stable wormhole.
    Say what, now?
    The present makes both the past and the future. The only thing one can do with the present is to be with it. It's unfortunate that almost nobody can. Many are called few are chosen.
    That's what I tell this critter. Eso le digo a esta criatura.
    You got a strong little critter in there. Ahí dentro llevas a una criatura muy fuerte.
    A critter's like... not a person. Un bicho es como... no una persona.
    'Cause it will scare the little critter off. Porque asustaría a la pequeña criatura.
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