Stock Market Crashes

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Is there any documented proof that supply-side economics DIDN’T cause the 1987 and 2008 stock market crashes, as well as the S&L crisis?
What is the market value of this stock?
Stock market ETF's?
What happens when the stock market crashes?
How many stock market crashes were there?
In what year did the Stock Market Crashes?
If you're referring to the crash that spawned the Great Depression, it was 1929.
List of American stock market crashes?
What is In reality both stock market crashes were the result of?
The biggest stock market crashes in history
Testosterone may be responsible for stock market crashes Researchers from Ivey Business School in Ontario studied the buying and selling habits behaviour of 140 male traders after administering testosterone supplement Androgel or a placebo.
Thirty years of stock market crashes – and the signs they were coming
Market report: McColl's dips on stock market debut
Home truths: housing market or stock market?
Putting stock in education Neil and Diane Barber want to make sure they can afford to send their daughter to university when the time comes, writes Nina Montagu-Smith We started investing in the stock market when our daughter was born
The stock market is on fire! Dow roars past 26,000
[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] If the US stock market crashes, would the price of Bitcoin/alt-coins go up or down? Why?
History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme. - "Joe Kennedy exited the stock market in timely fashion after a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips, the market is too popular for its own good.
Ban Maker-Taker Stock Market Pricing, Australian Stock Exchange CEO Says
Australian Stock Exchange CEO: Ban Maker-Taker Stock Market Pricing U.S. regulators aiming to improve the quality of the stock market need only ban the country's current system in which trading firms profit by collecting a fee from matching orders, said the head of Australia's main stock exchange.
The Yankees: The Stock That (Almost) Never Crashes
The Yankees: The Stock That (Almost) Never Crashes The Yankees have almost no previous experience with true regular-season collapses.
Bank stock crashes 75% after CEO resigns, dividend cut
British subprime bank Provident Financial announced its CEO resigned after a plan to reorganize its business went awry and the U.K. bank regulator launched an investigation into the business.
If the stock market collapsed would the crypto market do the same or the inverse?
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Stock Market Crashes
Book by Ravi Batra
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    Stock market crashes
    What traditionally happens to bonds when the stock market crashes?
    If the stock market crashes 20%, do bonds suffer or is there little to no correlation between the two markets?
    Stock Market Crashes
    Is there any documented proof that supply-side economics DIDN’T cause the 1987 and 2008 stock market crashes, as well as the S&L crisis?

    The S&L crisis was caused by "default swaps" and the bundling and selling of many millions of poorly approved mortgages which were KNOWN to have been bad IN ADVANCE by the "due diligence" underwriters. Predatory lending ALSO played a part.
    LOL Drag side economics is what black holes use. LOL
    What is the market value of this stock?

    Stock market ETF's?

    VTI is an ETF as a total US Market index fund, passively managed with a low internal expense ratio. You would buy via a brokerage firm account with whatever their account management and trading fees are. Market price closed at $132.54 per share and you can buy 7 shares. The exact price is based on market price when you buy and any commission. It is considered a moderate risk investment. Dividend of 0.553 paid Sep 22, 0.575 June 21, 0.542 March 24th, 0.727 Dividend December 20 Was 111.78 opening Nov 14th 2016 One year performance of $1000. 8 shares bought at opening nov 14 2016 for 894.24 + $9 commission for $903.24 plus $96.76 remaining $4.42 + $4.60 + $4.34 + $5.82 + 8x$132.54+96.76 = $1176.26 17.63% gain minus income tax on dividends and on gain if selling. Be well aware that the US stock markets have been on a rising trend (bull run) since early in 2009 without a major correction. Smaller asset management competing index funds are: Schwab US Broad Market (NYSEMKT:SCHB), $62.32 per share Friday close. 0.256 Sept 18, 0.265 Jun 19, 0.235 Mar 20, 0.3513 Dec 19 was $52.43 opening Nov 14, 2016 $1000 = 18 shares +47.26 with $9 commission paid Nov 14, 2016 $19.93 Dividends + $47.26 cash remaining + $1121.76 stock value = $1188.95 = 18.90% gain iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market (NYSEMKT:ITOT) $59.04 per share 0.267 Sep 26, 0.241 Jun 27, 0.224 Mar 24, 0.273 Dec 21 49.71 open Nov 14, 2016 19 shares at 49.71 and $46.51 remaining after $9 commission $19.10 Dividends + $46.51 + $1121.76 = $1187.37 = 18.74% gain Compared to a high management fee large cap closed end mutual fund selling below net asset value with high yield. (USA) Columbia Funds Trust XII - Liberty All Star Equity Fund $6.15/share $5.00 open November 14th 2016 0.12 + 0.13 + 0.13 + 0.13 without reinvesting dividends, but it is more likely to reinvest dividends into whole shares. 198 shares with $1 remaining after $9 commission $100.98 Dividends + $1 + $1217.70 = $1319.68 32% gain This is a higher risk investment. There are many possibilities investing in ETF, Closed or open end Mutual funds. ETF = Exchange Traded Fund, noted generally as minimal management fees taken out, minimum activity of buying and selling of holdings. Traded like a stock and usually closely matches its net asset value. Open End Mutual Fund -The most common, can have buy and sell fees called "load", you buy and sell from the managing company. Other than fees, matches its net asset value Closed End Mutual Fund - Exchange traded though new shares can be issued to existing investors. You buy and sell from current owners at prices that can be above or below the net asset value. These are managed funds. Management fees can be very high. Berkshire Hathaway (reference Warren Buffett) is a closed end mutual fund trading at high premium. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Do not invest into any stocks or funds if not prepared to see a large drop in prices. In a price drop, you may see a buying opportunity to buy more and wait out a recovery. Consider that with guaranteed no risk to very low risk money at 1 to 3% per year earnings, stocks and funds that rise at many times this yield CAN ALSO SEE DECLINES! Too many people enter real estate and stocks without understanding the meaning of risk based investing. You need patience, and you can get bad timing of buying and selling. With $1000, I would opt for a lower price per share than $132.54. Probably Schwab's or iShares are a better choice, unless looking for a managed fund with higher internal fees.
    The favorite point of attack for hackers is the communication between you and your trading platform. When you send your username, your password, and other personal information, hackers can try to intercept this data and use it for their purposes, for example by stealing your login.
    I will be adding money monthly to help grow my account, I just don't know if it's worth investing in a large company because of risk.
    Forget ETFs unless you are okay with making less than 3 percent a year and with $1000 you'll be lucky to make 20 bucks in a year. Is it really worth it? What you need to do is find you a good stable company to invest in apple amazon Facebook google etc. You could easily see 10-30 percent growth from any of these companies within a year. But you will never make any money with only $1,000 from investing you need to be adding money to your account monthly. Look up compounding calculator online and you will see how quickly you can make alot of money if you continually add money to your account.
    The stock market recovery was widely interpreted as suggesting that market participants had come to believe that the possibility of a depression had been adverted. En general, la recuperación del mercado de valores se interpretó como una señal de que los participantes en el mercado habían llegado al convencimiento de que la posibilidad de una depresión se había evitado.
    The index measures the rise and fall of stock prices on the Hong Kong stock market.
    But as Bernanke took pains to reassure the market, and as the stock market recovered, the panic has subsided.
    The stock market held steady on news of a flat job market.
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