Ave's Trance

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Clicking Noise, trance or more?
Who listen trance music in 26 years old, like me?
Hey CONS!! Did you know we all have hypnotic RUSSIANS RUSSIANS under our beds that trance us into voting TRUMP? LMAO!!?
How do you put someone in a trance?
How do you go into a trance?
What is a trance?
What is the meaning of trance?
What is a hypnotic trance?
Brown has voters in a trance
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Soon you will enter a deep trance...
Hypnotist 'put himself into trance for surgery'
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In a state of trance
[17-09] Play Trance Fu***in loud ... Trance is my medicine #ABGT250
[27-09] I found a fit just like Troy Aves #burberryshow #styling
[19-09] #Maria golpeando territorio #Venezuela (Isla d Aves)
[07-01] Chaves(4-3-3)v Aves(4-4-2)Football Team Lineup – Primeira Liga – at Est
[10-11] Looking forward to seeing @stxsports vs @AvesAthletics tonight at 7:30 with my pal @AlexKovSpeaker #Bombers #Aves #Fridayni
[12-12] Hey , ça marche peut-être aussi aves le fisc.@_@à essayer.#MardiConseil
[21-10] Présentation du film "internal affairs" (que Scorsese réadaptera aves ses Infiltrés) par the Master Won Kar Wai…
[05-12] #Sevilla: La Dehesa de Abajo espera más de 3.000 ornitólogos para la V Feria de las Aves de #Doñana.
[19-09] 1.- HURACÁN #MARÍA pasará por encima de Isla de Aves con vientos de más de 200 kmh el día de mañana, en su paso en el
[06-10] não aprendi dizer adeus mas tenho que aceitar que amores vêm e vão são aves de verão #TeenWolfFinale #TeenWolf
[15-10] ¿Has visto aves marinas muertas en las playas? Ayúdanos y comparte tu registro !!! ??????️ #seabirds #Chile…
[24-09] Las aves minutos antes del Temblor 5.0° en San Bernardo, Santiago de #Chile. el 23.09.2017 por Rodrigo Silva. #Earthquake
[01-12] También cuentan que #LeonardoDaVinci era capaz de dibujar aves con precisión mientras éstas volaban en el firmament…
[06-10] Antonio Sandoval pajareando en #Valencia donde presentará la 4a edición de ¿Para qué sirven las aves? en #albuferadelesaus @Tun
[27-12] Sneak Peek Week 17Sat, Jan 6Braga x Rio Ave 20:30Sun, Jan 7Chaves x Aves 11:45Moreirense x #Benfica 16h#SCP x Maritim
[14-11] #Xochimilco es un lugar mágico situado en la #CDMX donde más de 90 especies de aves migratorias se refugian y además e
[11-11] Niñas Mapuche vendiendo aves y productos agrícolas en cercanías de la Estación de trenes de Temuco, año 1960. #Chile :
[19-09] Ojo del Huracán #Maria salió de Dominica y entró al Mar Caribe. Su centro golpeará y sumergirá Isla de Aves (Venezuela) en
[21-09] Las comadrejas construyen madrigueras,las aves vuelan .Pero que hacemos nosotros Tenemos que ser alguien en la vida #TOTP
Ave's Trance
Song by Constance Demby
* TRANCEGATE WINTER FESTIVAL IS BACK!! LET’S MEET GIANLUCA   When we talk about trance events in Italy, there is a name who stands out as  main organizer : Gianluca Ferrandu! Let’s meet him and see what he can tell us about his great coming back for the upcoming season!! TBA: Hi Gianluca, for many years your name has been associated to all the trance events in Italy, can you tell us how did you start? TG: Trance Gate was born in 2005, after I took part… View On WordPress
* Sample Audio (Soundcloud) Post A State of Trance 2009 Compilation (mixed by Armin van Buuren) # 38 in A State Of Trance TOP 250...
* I’m posting hypnotic script pages onto Inductions. My fantasy is to trance many clients, to have them go about their lives, minding their own business … … and then send them emails and trance them all again. All at once. /
  • [14-01] Some 40 % of americans from #Louisiana can trance their ancestry back to that shit hole #Haiti.
  • [18-01] "Your Weekly Fix of #Trance & #Progressive" starts right NOW!! >>>#TGS193 mixed by @DjGoose_SA on @PlayTranceRadio…
    When did Progressive Trance appear?
    Is trance music cathartic?
    I've been thinking about catharsis (in the sense used in aesthetics) and I'm trying to feel out the edges of its accepted application. Trance music is often described using words such as "euphoric" ...
    Aves Trance
    Clicking Noise, trance or more?

    Who listen trance music in 26 years old, like me?

    I am still listening to psytrance and early 1990s classic trance at 31.
    na I listen to pirate rock
    I don't mind trance. search for Mark EG on youtube. I prefer techno though
    me, besides i prefer happy hardcore tho
    Hey CONS!! Did you know we all have hypnotic RUSSIANS RUSSIANS under our beds that trance us into voting TRUMP? LMAO!!?

    Hey Cons, did you know that when another country interferes in your elections, it does not matter if they change the way a single person vote, it is an attack on your very democratic process. Though in this case the Russians and China must be delighted at the election of President Trump. He has in less than a year threatened to invade multiple countries and in pulling out of the Paris Accord and declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, he has destroyed American influence abroad and the right to call himself "the leader of the free world" alienating the US. President Trump's actions and comments, his total inability to understand world politics or diplomacy, his personal vendettas against any who disagree with him has turned the American President into a joke. The Russians and Chinese must be secretly celebrating the impact of a President Trump. If Russian interference had no impact on the voters then it is totally the actions of those who voted Republican who have turned the USA not into America First, but America alone.
    You never have to look for anything Trance. Nunca tienes que buscar nada Trance.
    to go into a trance
    It just put you into a trance. No te volvías loco, pero entrabas en trance.
    She just goes into a trance and we dig. Ella entra en trance... y nosotros cavamos.
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