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Can a maternal great-grandmother (mother of mother of mother) of a person give a sample for a DNA test for her great-grandchild?
Does my mother have a case? My mother slip and fell near a Ross department store. It was snowing outside.?
If a baby girl guinea pig looks almost identical to its mother, does this then mean that it inherited more alleles from its mother?
Can I marry a maternal cousin sister whose mother is a granddaughter of my mother's half brother of the same mother but of different fathers?
Oklahoma married separated not legally mother keeps daughter at grandmothers on weekends mother not around can you take her when mother is gone?
If your parents are divorced and you live with your father can you move into your mother's mother if you have your mother's concent?
Who can get custody of the child if the mother is deceased the biological father or the mother's mother?
If the father is not paying child support and his wife is being verbally violent towards the child and his mother can the birth mother stop visitation for the step mother?
Kate Middleton’s mother has the makings of a right, royal mother-in-law for Prince William
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Conversations with Bibi & Alice: You can’t be a mother or a non-mother without being judged these days But, shush, mum's the word.
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Lesbian mother slashed her lover’s mother’s face Stacey Greenhalgh, 31, viciously attacked Elaine McGee, 45, during a row about childcare in a pub in Gorton, Greater Manchester. She cried as she was sentenced to 20 months in jail.
If necessity is the mother of invention, what are other things the mother of?
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Avé's Mother
Fictional character
* A Mother’s Love –  For Anyone Who Loves His/Her Mother Every person on this earth has a mother who has shown him/her love beyond measure. The love intensifies when the mother sees her baby smile to her for the first time. A mother’s love Mothers have been the most immediate people we stay close to right from birth. Their love for their children is beyond measure. It is therefore necessary to remember and appreciate their love always, not only when it… View On WordPress
* Jaipur: A young lady has got her widowed mother in Rajasthan.A 55-year-old woman’s husband died of cardiac arrest in 2016. younger lady planned for his widowed mother marriage , without mother’s permission.after some days one person contacted younger lady to marry her widowed mother. younger lady convinced her widowed mother remarriage, at last, her mother accepted to marriage. daughter selects husband for her widowed mother was originally published on Telugunewsonline
* shortened form of this post | source | kings & wives Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam, mother of King Solomon ( ii samuel 11:3 · ii samuel 12:24 · i kings 2:19 ). Naamah, the Ammonitess, mother of Rehoboam ( i kings 14:21 · 14:31 · ii chronicles 12:13 ). Maacah, the grand-daughter of Abishalom/Absalom ( i kings 15:2 · ii chronicles 11:20 ) the mother of Abijah. Maacah, the grand-daughter of Abishalom, the grandmother of Asa ( i kings 15:10 · ii chronicles 15:16 ). Azubah, daughter of Shilhi, mother of Jehoshaphat ( i kings 22:42 · ii chronicles 20:31 ). Athaliah, the grand-daughter of Omri, mother of Ahaziah ( ii kings 8:26 · ii chronicles 22:2 ). Zibiah of Beersheba, mother of Joash ( ii kings 12:1 · ii chronicles 24:1 ). Jehoaddan, (ii chronicles 25:1) of Jerusalem, mother of Amaziah ( ii kings 14:2 ). Jecoliah of Jerusalem, mother of Azariah/Uzziah ( ii kings 15:2 · ii kings 15:13,30 · ii chronicles 26:3 ). Jerusha ( ii chronicles 27:1 ) daughter of Zadok, mother of Jotham ( ii kings 15:33 ). Abi/Abijah ( ii chronicles 29:1 ) daughter of Zechariah, mother of Hezekiah ( ii kings 18:2 ). Hephzibah mother of Manasseh ( ii kings 21:1 ). Meshullemeth daughter of Haruz of Jotbah, mother of Amon ( ii kings 21:19 ). Jedidah daughter of Adaiah of Bozkath, mother of good King Josiah ( ii kings 22:1 ). Hamutal, daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah, mother of Jehoahaz ( ii kings 23:31 ). Zebidah, daughter of Pedaiah of Rumah, mother of Jehoiakim ( ii kings 23:36 ). Nehushta, daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem, mother of Jehoiachin ( ii kings 24:8 ). Hamutal/Hamital, daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah, mother Of Zedekiah ( ii kings 24:18 ).
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    What do the parents of married children call each other? As in, the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom?
    I am looking for an expression or term that would describe the relationship between the two mothers of their married children.
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    Avs Mother
    Can a maternal great-grandmother (mother of mother of mother) of a person give a sample for a DNA test for her great-grandchild?
    I'm asking if a sample has a limit of degree / distance between a person and another sample from a relative. I know that a maternal (and obviously biological) line is better, but how far apart it is, or does that even matter? Like say a man died in a plane crash, with all the other passengers, and the only...
    That wouldn't be enough for a positive identification, but in many cases it can exclude identitities. Most of our DNA is in bundles called chromosomes, and you (should) have 46 of them - 23 from either parent. Nobody has exactly 11.5 from any grandparent. there's no predicting or calculating which 23 chromosomes of yours you will pass on to which child of yours. You only know that every one of them will be either the one you got from your mother or the one you got from your father. If you are a guy, you know that your Y-chromosome came from your biological father. Women don't have a Y-chromosome However, a small part of your DNA is mitochondrial, and you always get it from your mother. So if your mitochondrial DNA doesn't match that of a supposed greatgreatgreatgrandmother of the maternal line, she isn't *your* greatgreatgreatgrandmother. Since 46 chromosomes plus mitochondrial make 47 bloodlines, there will have to be ancestors of yours you don't share any of them with if you go back 6 or more generations, and it's possible that that goes for someone 5 or even 4 generations back. On the other hand, some bundles of DNA may have been in your pedigree for millennia. They don't have expiration dates
    Yes a Great Grand Mother can give DNA for comparison of a Great Grand Child and it will show if they are related. Current DNA test can show a relationship as far as 5 th cousins. That means they have the same Great, Great, Great, Grand Parents. However, without a lot of people in the family having given DNA samples, all the test will tell is they are related somehow. The more samples collected in the same family, the more the family tree gets filled in. Some DNA markers can go back thousands of years, but they don't tell much except maybe you were related to Genghis Khan or King Charlemagne. With todays level of technology, it is impossible to tell how someone is related to a family a thousand years ago.
    Yes. DNA is DNA regardless of age.
    Does my mother have a case? My mother slip and fell near a Ross department store. It was snowing outside.?

    Depends what "near" means. Go talk to a personal injury attorney.
    Your mom would need to consult a personal injury attorney who can review her case and advise her of her options. Each state has their own statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits.
    She would have to speak with a lawyer. She would need witnesses that could state that she was in front of the Ross Store, on their sidewalk, that the snow was not being cleared and that was the time and day she fell. No witnesses = no case. And it depends on what the local bylaws are on how fast the snow has to be cleared from a business. Generally if it was falling heavily at the time, no one is expected to have perfect sidewalks.
    Get a lawyer. But you have to show they were negligent.
    What does the store have to do with it? She wasn't in the store, so what makes you think that's relevant? Who is responsible for clearing that pavement? THAT'S who any argument is with. Is there any law that could put the blame on them? As you forgot to say what country or state this is in, I cannot possibly answer further and nor can anyone else.
    The extent of her injuries are the one thing that CAN'T matter. What matters is WHERE she fell, the conditions of the area, and who, if anyone had a duty to clear whatever she slipped on. As a rule, if you are out during a snowstorm, YOU have the duty to be careful of slippery conditions. AFTER the snow stops falling, the property owner MAY have the duty to clear the snow. In my state, the courts have actually ruled that even when local laws require clearing sidewalks, a homeowner IS NOT liable from people slipping on uncleared sidewalks. Unless they do something to make it appear the walk is clear, the person using the sidewalk has accepted the risk that the walk is slippery.
    What it was "near" means absolutely nothing.
    Sounds too far fetched. Unless your state has some kind of law that forces stores to clean snow around them and your mother happened to fall in that area, which honestly even if exists as law, happened last year, so no proof of it happening at said place. I would say that there is no case as there were no laws broken.
    If a baby girl guinea pig looks almost identical to its mother, does this then mean that it inherited more alleles from its mother?

    No, just the visible ones. The traits you see may be dominant and belong only to the mother, or recessive and come from both parents. Every baby gets half its alleles from the mother and half from the father.
    Genetics is a strange and uncertain science, as we generally do not know the genetic make up of the parents. In this case, you would need to know which characteristics you see are dominant genes, and which are recessive. If the appearance of that baby piggy is recessive traits, then they had to come half from mom and half from dad. Each baby got half the genes from dad, and half from mom. It's the dominant/recessive factors that determine the appearance. And of course there are all the genes you don't see - the recessive traits that are masked by the dominant ones, and all the genetic things you cannot see (inherited diseases, etc.). Enjoy the baby regardless!
    In its appearance yes, but not necessarily across the board. Not all hereditary nature is visible.
    I told you my mother's mother's mother was black. Te dije que la mamá de la mamá de mi mamá era negra.
    To be honest, when Mel first asked me to come and talk to your mother, I had ulterior motives, because your mother has intrigued me from the very first moment she sneered at me. Para ser sincero, cuando Mel me dijo que viniera y hablara con tu madre, tenía segundas intenciones, porque tu madre me intrigaba desde el primer momento en el que se burló de mí.
    If the deceased leaves no children but her mother, then her succession devolves upon her mother. Si la fallecida no deja hijos pero sí a su madre, entonces su sucesión se traspasa a la madre.
    the mother company and its affiliates; the mother computer and its network of terminals.
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