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As aves são animais homeotermicos oque isso quer dizer?
Why have scientists classified birds in class reptillia rather than aves ? what evidence is there for this ?
Faça uma comparação entre o coração das aves e o dos mamíferos. O que você encontra: mais semelhanças ou mais diferenças? Quais?
What do aves eat?
Do aves have skin?
What are some examples of aves?
What animals are aves?
What are the classes of Aves?
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Melanie Aves
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    Melanie Aves
    As aves são animais homeotermicos oque isso quer dizer?

    Why have scientists classified birds in class reptillia rather than aves ? what evidence is there for this ?

    Scientists? You mean cladists. Real taxonomists consider them to be an embarrassment to the field. Ignore them. If you followed them slavishly, you would also have to consider mammals to be reptiles, reptiles to be amphibians, amphibians to be fishes . . . .
    Have they? If they have theres evidence of them evolving from dinosaurs, there were a few species of dinosaur which had very birdlike features as they evolved. But i think youre probably wrong. Does aves not mean birds? Why would they be reclassified?
    Faça uma comparação entre o coração das aves e o dos mamíferos. O que você encontra: mais semelhanças ou mais diferenças? Quais?

    Immunologicals for aves, ATC vet code: Inmunológicos para aves, código ATC vet:
    Las aves juveniles ya aprenden a volar.
    Casi un 20% de las aves del mundo son viajeros.
    la zona se pobló de aves tropicales
    10 Balloch Holdings, Cumbernauld, G68 9AT
    11 Jamaica Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, PA15 1XX
    129 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh, EH4 1BH
    22 West Mayfield, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH9 1TQ
    181 Sapphire Road, Bellshill, Scotland, ML4 2HN