Lago Buenos Aires Department

Lago Buenos Aires Department is a department in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. It has a population of 6,223 and an area of 28,609 km². The seat of the department is in Perito Moreno.
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Lago Buenos Aires Department
Argentine department
Lago Buenos Aires Department is a department in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. It has a population of 6,223 and an area of 28,609 km². The seat of the department is in Perito Moreno.
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    How much is a bus from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro?
    I'm looking to get a feeling for the bus prices for the trip Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro.Plataforma10 gives me a price of AR$ 2350,00 (~271 US$) with Crucero del Norte, which I find a bit high.I've read other people saying it's about 100 US$, but haven't found official sources (bus company websites?).One way flights are about 230 US$ (if you book in advance), which made me think to go for a flight instead.
    Lago Buenos Aires Department
    Donde alquiler en buenos aires?
    Me gustaria saber en que pagina puedo alquilar en buenos aires
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    Do I need to have a big budget while travelling to Buenos Aires?

    Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, which is the most beautiful city in Brazil?

    Isn't Buenos Aires in Lithuania?
    hahahaha Buenos Aires is in Argentina, not in Brazil. So I suggest Rio de Janeiro.
    There have also been dictated some Reproductive Health Laws, the last one was in the Province of Buenos Aires, following the lineaments of the City of Buenos Aires laws. Se han dictado leyes de Salud Reproductiva, la última de ellas en la Provincia de Buenos Aires, siguiendo los lineamientos de la ley de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
    Don't they have verandas in Buenos Aires? ¿No tienen verandas en Buenos Aires?
    I'm not sure if you can fly direct to Buenos Aires from here.
    I got a call from someone in Buenos Aires.
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