La théologie de l'Épiscopat au premier Concile du Vatican

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Does Vatican City have walls to keep people out?And is Vatican City security provided by the the Swiss Army with armed?
What do you think about the Vatican archives?
Does Vatican City have a gay bar?
What player has won premier league fa cup uefa cup European super cup European cup has been relegated from premier league but hasn't played in championship and stil plays in premier league today?
Nwankwo Kanu.
Who is the only player to win the Premier League FA cup Champions' League UEFA Cup get relegated from the premier league and is still playing in the premier league and has won an olympic medal?
Nwankwo Christian Nwosu KanuHe has won the: Premier league twice with ArsenalFA Cup thrice, twice with Arsenal and once with PortsmouthUEFA Champions' League with AjaxUEFA Cup with Internazionaleand an Olympic gold medal for Nigeria in 1996
Does the Vatican own England?
No, England is a Country in Great Britain and the UK. The Vatican is a city in Italy.
Was the Vatican 2 positive?
Where are the Vatican and Monaco?
The Vatican is an independent city-state surrounded completely by Rome and Italy. Monaco is an independent principality surrounded by France on three sides and the Mediterranean on the other. Both are located in Europe.
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The duo discuss issues including the situation of Christians in Iraq and the problems between Erbil and Baghdad.
Pope Francis ratified Monday his intention of declassifying Vatican's archives on Uruguay's military dictatorship, a process promoted by Pope Francis for a the second head of Catholicism to begin a declassification process of Vatican documents.
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La théologie de l'Épiscopat au premier Concile du Vatican
Book by Jean-Pierre Torrell
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    La thologie de lpiscopat au premier Concile du Vatican
    Does Vatican City have walls to keep people out?And is Vatican City security provided by the the Swiss Army with armed?
    security swiss with guns and are there check points.My friend says there are no walls, no swiss army, no check points..all can walk in Vatican City at will all day long..
    There is certainly a wall around Vatican City, the only part of the Vatican which allows access to the general public is St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square. Good luck trying to get anywhere else without permission as there are certainly checkpoints, though these are discrete. The Swiss Guard are a high end military force. All are ex-Swiss army so are highly trained, and their force also provides the Pope's plain clothed security guard. The Vatican does not state whether or not the Swiss Guard are armed, but I'd be surprised if they weren't. The Vatican also has a fully armed police force. Your friend probably only visited the Basilica and perhaps the Vatican Museums, but there is a lot more to the Vatican than that. Have a look at Vatican City on Google Earth.
    I remember seeing checkpoints and people being asked to show ID. I didn't go in myself, but I did peek in the gate.
    Crowd control in Vatican City is quite real. It is so well managed that the crowds rarely realize they are being controlled. You can go where you can go, and no further.
    The Swiss Guard is the most efficient army on Earth. Do not be fooled by their Medieval uniforms. They are designed to allow maximum arm and leg movement. The weapon each Swiss Guard holds is absolutely deadly and gives massive reach forward and in all directions.
    The Vatican, and Vatican City, is indeed, surrounded by a thick wall, on most sides......but St. Peter's square is a wide open space. For events however......there is crowd control, and security checkpoints, of course. Metal detectors and guards, and whatnot. ALL entry passageways into the buildings, inner buildings, and various alcoves, are all guarded by the Swiss GUARD. NO unauthorized person goes in or out without their say so. If there is no mass or event.-------you are free to stroll the Piazza, and take all the photo's you want of the FRONT of St. Peter's- Messing with the Swiss Guard, is the same as messing with the Queen's Guard in London. You won't enjoy the result. They are all HIGHLY trained to deal with idiots and yahoo's.
    There are open accessible areas of the Vatican and parts that have walls doors and locks. The SWISS Guards are not the Swiss Army. ALL are very highly trained former members of the Swiss Army. This elite group is Swiss Citizens that have passed the tests and applied for the position. They have an usual uniform well earned and it masks their lethal abilities and many security things they have with them to protect the Vatican. They are all marksmen. They can also get help from nearby countries if needed. HINT the Italian Army They carry ceremonial staffs and other ancient display weapons. They also have other more modern ones nearby and hidden. I assume you are aware the Vatican also has a Police service. https:// They are responsible for the security and safety of the Pope as well as the Papal facilities. All of the members are volunteers serving 25-month contracts. To be a member you have to be an adult male Swiss citizen, at least 5-foot, 8-inches tall, under 30 years of age, and have successfully completed prior service with the Swiss Army. SIG P220, which is standard issue for the Swiss Army. There are also a number of Austrian-made Glock Model 19 9mm pistols used when a more concealable duty weapon is desired, such as on overseas dignitary protection. HK MP5s from West Germany, one of the first instances of the Guard using non-Swiss made guns. Today the Guard now carries the ultra-modern HK MP7 PDW chambered in 4.6×30mm. This is a good choice as these same types are used by US Navy Seals, German GSG9 The armoury has thousands of weapons ready to go. They have had 500 years to amass their collection. Suggest you do not try to take on a Swiss Guard armed with just his 9 foot pike. They can use it too very well.
    There are walls around much of Vatican City, but, not all of it. They are easy to see on Streetview (Google Maps). The Swiss Guard is NOT part of the Swiss Army. They happen to have the name "Swiss," but, the two are completely separate. And, yes, they are real security, with weapons.
    Vatican city has no walls. Security is provided by the Swiss Guards - not the Swiss Army. I assume this is some sort of "open borders" rant. if yes, realize Vatican city does not actually have immigration or offer citizenship (except to high officials of the Roman Catholic church).
    Yes. Your friend is lying. You can see the walls at the link below.
    Those Swiss guards are trained army...and are armed...discreetly... Why else would the Pope have his Popemobile ?
    Yes. Your friend is lying. You can see the walls at the link below.
    well, I think they have really great security system, but other people just don't see it
    What do you think about the Vatican archives?

    Is it on DVD or Freeview ?
    Nothing major like the fanciful content of the Divinci code. Just old records and written content from past cardinals and popes ect.
    Probably most of it is esoteric and not that interesting.
    Does Vatican City have a gay bar?

    Yeah, it's called the bi-Curia
    Does Vatican City have a capital ?
    Vatican City is a gay haven for kids ?
    Wines allowed to the national seal 'Marque nationale' can also carry one of the additional quality designations: 'Vin classé', 'Premier cru' or 'Grand premier cru', which have been used since 1959. Los vinos que pueden llevar el sello nacional «Marque nationale» también pueden llevar una de las denominaciones adicionales de calidad: «Vin classé», «Premier cru» o «Grand premier cru», que se utilizan desde 1959.
    No tour of Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican/the Vatican City.
    2 comments to Gleanings (3): Vatican, or Vatican III? 2 comentarios a Gleanings (3): el Vaticano, o el Vaticano III?
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